What can you do for a absess tooth you can not afford to go to a dentist?

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What are the side affects of an absessed tooth?

Answer . \nAn abcess is a serious dental problem, that needs to be professionaly treated, right away. If it is NOT treated, you may develop a serious blood stream infection, that may lead to permanent dmage to your heart, your brain and your eyes. A systemic blood infection may even lead to death ( Full Answer )

How does a dentist extract a tooth?

Answer Your dentist should get a complete health history on you, take your blood pressure & plus, and record all medications you are currently on (if any) including any herbs or vitamins (can affect clotting) An X-ray will be taken of the tooth to be extracted. Basically a topical anesthetic (gel) ( Full Answer )

Can dentists afford expensive cars?

What an odd question? Just about anyone can afford an expensive car if they (a) are willing to save up for it, and (b) are willing to sacrifice life's other experiences/objects!

If the wisdom tooth is really bad and the dentists recommending extracting it do you have to go along with this?

Answer . No you don't but you will want to. Some individuals do not have to have theirs removed but most do as they become impacted, decayed etc. If he is recommending it be done and you don't do it it can cause more than just a sore mouth problems for you - a bad tooth that disperses toxins or p ( Full Answer )

What is an absess?

An abscess is a type of infection, which is filled with pus andinflamed. Another term for an abscess is a boil.

Can an absessed tooth cause dizziness?

An abscessed tooth can affect many other parts of the body,especially the ear, nose and throat areas. Since the inner ear isdirectly related to balance, a severely infected tooth could causedizziness.

How do you afford dentist with no insuance?

You should check out this website, It is not insurance but a medical/dental discount plan. It allows you to get discounts for dental, vision, chiropractic, prescription and physician visits. The plans start at $14.95/month for individuals or $19.95/month for an entire household up to 20 people relat ( Full Answer )

Can absessed tooth make you depressed from the pain?

Hell yeah! I am super deppresed right now. I had my wisdom tooth pulled after my dentist suggested i should, i didnt feel any pain but i went with it. I had 3 teeth extracted in one sitting and the pain was excruciating.. My mom still has hers and she was really upset that i did that.. I feel like ( Full Answer )

What if your front tooth fell out what will dentist do?

a dentist will num you up with a needle and put glue on the tooth and cover it with a wire that they use to heal it in place (you have to wear it for about a month) after that you may or may not need a root canal

What to eat with an absessed tooth?

pudding or soup... when its bigger enough if your in awful pain and don't want to go to the doctor you could pop it with a toothpick OS something sharp. soft stuff, the softer the better :)

Sore gum and a wobbly tooth will the dentist give you a needle if you go?

If you are losing your baby teeth the dentist might just tell you to keep wiggling the loose tooth for it to come out completely. Your gum is sore because it is the only thing holding that tooth in. If it is a permanent tooth that is loose, it may need to be extracted or gum disease. In that case, y ( Full Answer )

Can an absess tooth cause a stroke?

lolz no. Yes a blood cloth can break off and cause a stroke or heart attack. http://www.atlantadentist.com/Dental_Abscess.html

Cavity in your back tooth and it hurtrs what can i do i dont want to go to the dentist?

The best thing to do is go to the dentist. Scince your tooth already hurts, I'm guessing it's already gotten pretty bad. If you go to the doctor soon enough, they'll give you a numbing shot and then drill the cavity decay from the tooth, clean the tooth and then fill in the cavity. The procedure doe ( Full Answer )

If the dentist take a tooth out will it hurt?

no,i had a tooth out when i was 11 and it does not hurt at all apart from when it is out.it hurts for a few seconds and feels weird. only when your tooth is out.

What is good for absess tooth pain?

Treating the pain is only dealing with the symptoms rather than the root (no pun intended) of the problem. Oil of cloves and I found sniffing burning cardboard helped alleviate the pain a bit. But you need to get rig of the abscess using antibiotics or having the tooth out. (Robert Burns called too ( Full Answer )

How long will you have to get to a dentist if you knock a tooth out?

Knocked-Out Tooth A knocked-out tooth is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention. If these emergency tips are followed right after a tooth has been knocked out, there is a good chance that the tooth can be saved. . The tooth should be picked up by the top of the tooth (crown). ( Full Answer )

What is the easiest way to pull a tooth out without going to a dentist?

let's see, you go and get a piece of long string and tie it to your tooth and tie is to the door and then slam the door. it is a little painful though but if the tooth is ready to come out, you won't feel a thing or here is a less painful way this requires no pain at all.When i was smaller i made up ( Full Answer )

What causes an absessed tooth?

Abscessed tooth only happens for three reasons; when teeth are damaged such as an untreated cavity, a person brushed their teeth properly, and lastly the gum diseases. Those are the three causes to an abscessed tooth.

Can a tooth absess harm a pregnancy?

There are times you have to eat medicine as pregnant and if you have a infection in your body that is not good for any of you. Talk to your dentist and doctor about it.

How do you get black bits off tooth enamel without going to the dentist?

You can't black spots may be decay, this need to be removed with anesthetic, and a filling placed. Or it can be deep staining, which no amount of brushing will remove, you will need to see a hygienist, either way you need to visit the dentist don't worry we are a lot nicer than you think

How does a Dentist pull a permanet tooth?

a dentist doesnt pull a permanent teeth out, only baby teeth. if you have a wobbly permanent teeth then they'll sort of make it go firm again.

How does a dentist expose a hidden tooth?

They do it via a surgical operation. They will cut some of the gum and pull the tooth down. After the operation, they will attach a chain to the tooth and a brace. I'm having this operation in a few months.

When your tooth breaks is there a chance that the dentist has to go into your gum to get the tooth out?

I recently had a trip to dentist for tooth extraction, and the oral surgeon accidentally broke the crown of my tooth while trying to pull it. Not only did the surgeon have to go into the gum, but he also had to dig around my jaw bone with a scraper and a drill for what seemed like the better part of ( Full Answer )

Can I have my tooth extracted if I have an absess below tooth. One dentist says ok another says the infection would have to clear first or could be dangerous to remove. Any advice please?

I had a friend with a similar problem and his dentist told him he had to wait until the infection was gone because it is very dangerous to operate on an absess tooth. It may be painful now but eventually it will be over and if you risk it and do the operation too soon it could result in worse pa ( Full Answer )

Is amoxicillin good for a tooth absess?

Yes, Inside a tooth (where the bacteria are breeding and causing the abscess), the environment is aerobic (there is not a good supply of oxygen), so the bacteria are aerobic bacteria (a variety that does not need oxygen). Thus when treating an abscess, one needs to choose an antibiotic that is e ( Full Answer )

What can you do to help a chipped tooth before you go see the dentist?

A good idea is to take one of those round metal tooth picks (as seen at the dentist) smother it in toothpaste and apply it to the chipped area. after take a mouth wash (for ex. listerine) and put a few drops on the toothpaste you put on a second ago. wait about a minute, then swish some water around ( Full Answer )

How do dentists repair tooth decay?

the dentist removes the decayed portion of the tooth using a high-speed drill or an air abrasion system, shapes the cavity walls, and replaces the tooth structure with a filling of silver amalgam, composite resin, or gold.

What dentists call tooth decay?

dental caries.. at least that's what MDs would call it. There may be more variation in degree of decay that DMDs would refer to.

Can you get a tooth implant from a dentist?

It is possible to obtain a tooth implant by qualified dentist. There are also alternative replacements of various materials that can be chosen to replace a tooth.

How does a dentist fix an abscess tooth?

Some dentists like to approach it with a regiment of antibiotics, while others prefer to cut open the abscess and allow it to drain. It will depend on your current dentist's preferences and practices.

How many days do you need to be on amoxycilin for tooth absessed?

Honestly the dentist told me I should take it for at least a week it depends on the infection and if it doesn't get better within the first four days go to the doctor because they may have to give you a stronger antibiotic. They put me on cyclimycin. Best of luck!

Why does the dentist drill your tooth for a crown?

Very likely, inside the tooth there was decay. This needs to be completely and thoroughly removed and cleaned out; -- and then filled in. Often you are given a temporary crown for a week or two, until your officially prepared crown comes back. .

Is a tooth absess a bacterial infection?

Yes, a tooth abscess is a bacterial infection. You have many species of bacteria in your mouth and this is the cause of one of those abscess.

Does it hurt when the dentist pull your tooth out?

Well in my country the dentist will get some cotton bands and thenput some anesthesia then she will put it in your gums after thatshe will give you a shot in your gums about two times then she willjust try too pull it out...but in U.S i think she will just giveyou a shot i dont really know because i ( Full Answer )