Staffordshire Bull Terriers

What can you do for a staffordshire bull terrier whos eyes are badly bloodshot?



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Make an appointment with your vet. He/She will know what to do.


One key question is, how long has the condition existed, and what happened during your dog's day that might have caused this? If this all started today, and the bloodshot effect isn't too p[ronounced and isn't causing the dog discomfort, there's no discharge, and you and your dog weren't tear-gassed that day, you may have some time to safely observe and guess what the problem is -- then treat it.

The symptom you describe is indiciative of eye irritation. I'd prefer to be lots more specific than that, but with the little info I have to work on here (which is likely because you don't have much more information yourself -- cant run a bacterial culture slide at home :} ), this is the best I can do.

Your choices are to read like mad and try to figure out how to reasonably and accurately diagnose why your dog's eyes are bloodshot (and there are a ton of at-home Veternary tomes, some easy, some not, that can help you solve this) and then choose to treat this yourself, or you can simply bring the dog to a vet who's already read the books.

Myself, I'd say if the condition persists without significant improvement for 24 hours, I'd at least call my Vet and ask what to do.