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Contact the state you live in workmans comp office and file a complaint.

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Q: What can you do if an employer fails to file a claim on workman's comp?
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Can an employer make the employee pay for workmans comp?

can a employer make the employee pay weekly for workmans comp or disability insurance

You were fired from a new job after the empoyer found you had a workmans comp claim from another employer It that legal?

No you cannot be fired.

If you have a workmans comp claim and settle out of court is the workmans comp company required to cover the same injury for the rest of your life if you hurt that area again will workmans comp pay?

i lost a finger in 1983 do i get money for that

If you are on workmans comp can your employer take that against your fmla time of 12 weeks?


Can your employer charge a 1099 employee for workmans comp?

An employer should not charge a 1099 employee for workman's comp. If you get a 1099 you are not in an employer, employee relationship You are an independent contractor.

Maximum money for workers comp?

maximum payout for workmans comp claim for broken ankle at work

Once a workmans comp claim is filed how do you obtain medical treatment?

Just go to the E.R. and tell them it's a work comp claim. They will take it from there.

Do you have to claim workmans comp on your tax return?

Yes you do; but WC settlements are non-taxable.

Is the employer liable to pay workmans comp to employees who worked under the table?

Yes - even in the absence of a workers comp policy, the employer is responsible for a work related injury

What if your hurt at work and dont have workmans comp?

if your employer doesn't have workers comp insurance then you sue the company directly. Find a good lawyer.

Is ulnar neuropathy something that workmans comp. in Ohio not allow as a claim?

It depends on how the condition was aquired.

What if your employer requires you to return to work and you are on workmans comp and your doctor has not released you to work and fmla is over can the employer and fire you?

yes they can and will probably fire you.

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