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Contact the justice division of the state attorney general's office in the state in which the incident occurred.

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Q: What can you do if someone falsifies your personal records such as your birth certificate?
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What qualifications are required for jobs where one has to handle medical records?

The qualifications of someone who is working with medical records such as a medical records technician should have an associate degree in health information technology. A certificate will then be obtained and need to be renewed as necessary.

What is a personal banker?

A personal banker is someone who manages a client's financial records. Helps them make economic choices and gives them advice, works with them on different problems with their finance.

What site can you visit if you want to know those people in the Philippines who are already married?

You cannot request information about someone else from the NSO. The NSO delivers a certificate of singleness if a person requests it. But you have to be that person. And this is not 100% reliable as certain records were lost. When I was married there was a mention on the certificate that there were no records from year 1990 something to 1994.

When do you receive death certificate in Australia?

You cannot receive your death certificate. But you can get a death certificate of someone who is related to you.

What is entity occurrence?

An entity occurrence is essentially an instance of an entity. A great example of an entity occurrence is someone's birthdate and other personal records.

Did Jesus have a birth certificate?

It is not likely that Mary and Joseph were issued with a birth certificate of Christ's birth. That it was recorded is more than likely a certainty. But as no records exist of Christ birth apart from scripture we must take it that all live births were recorded by someone.

Can personal health info be used for purposes unrelated to health care?

No...unless of course you give someone permission to view your personal medical records. One reason someone could would be if child abuse/neglect was suspected; a doctor could show the file to police.

How do you tell how old someone is?

steal their birth certificate

Who do you talk to when your rights have been violated My personal records have been changed someone added things to my re cord they are a member of the union.?

Citizens Advice Bureau

Who needs to get a death certificate?

Someone who needs to prove that a person is dead need a death certificate.

Can a death certificate be private?

No, a death certificate is a public certification that someone has died. Some information on a death certificate may be kept private.

Can you view someone else's birth certificate?

In this day and age, not any longer. There is so much informtaiton contained on them that could lead to identity theft that it is discouraged if not outright banned to making them "public" records.

Is a scribes someone who kept records for society in ancient Mesopotamia?

Yes, a scribe is someone who kept records for society in ancient Mesopotamia.

Where can someone find information about Akashic records?

Someone can find information about Akashic records from the Akashic Transformation website. The website has information about Akashic records covering a wide range of topics.

Where do you get civil death records?

In the US for the last one hundred years all states have required a death certificate when someone dies. Some states started requiring death certificates even earlier. This is filled out by a physician. Death certificates are filed in the county courthouse of the county where the person died. In some states they are filed in the same office as land records, in others they are in the clerk of court's office. Records do not exist before the requirement of a death certificate became law in all states. The best records for the older days are family bibles and the like.

Is it legal to possess someone else's birth certificate?

There is nothing wrong with that at all. The thing you cannot do is to present someone else's birth certificate as if it is yours.

Can someone tell me a unused membership or certificate number?


What is a wedding registrar?

Someone who signs your wedding certificate.

How can you find where someone is buried?

You can contact the county in which you think someone was buried. They may be able to provide you with cemetery records. You can also do a records search online.

Can someone get court records on anyone in ct?


How can you find someones last will and testament online?

The blank document of a last will and testament can be found online, however, personal records of someone's last will and testament are confidential documents that are not public record online.

Other than on your birth certificate where would you find your date of birth?

If your birth had been announced in a newspaper or in a printed announcement that someone saved, you might find it there. You might get close to the date with religious records such as baptismal certificates from some Christian churches, or Bris records of boys maintained by a Moel in some Jewish communities. If your birth was attended by a midwife, you might find the date in her records, if they were preserved.

What is the difference between a massage license and a certificate?

certificate shows you can actually perform the task and license allows you to legally perform it on someone.

How can someone find out if their criminal records are public?

Someone can find out if their criminal records are public by going to the DMV website and using their Criminal Records checking system. One could also check with the local law enforcement agency.

Where could someone get a business certificate program?

There are a variety of different places where someone could obtain a business certificate program. These include, for example, Columbia University, Berkley University and Oxford College of Marketing.

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