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go live in a cave and sort your self out

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What are the symptoms of being a werewolf?

I myself am an expert on all mythical creatures. The symptoms of a werewolf are nonexistent because werewolves are nonexistent. However, thinking you have symptoms of a werewolf is a symptom of craziness. See a mental health therapist.

Am I a werewolf what are the symptoms?

Symptoms of being a werewolf are hair on almost every part of the body and a need to howl constantly at the moon - especially the full moon.

What are they symptoms of becoming a werewolf?

Growth of hair, elongated teeth, sharper senses and loss of memory are some of the symtoms of being a werewolf.

What are the symptoms of being a werewolf before transformation?

u want to eat meat a lot

What symptoms to you get after you are bitten by a werewolf?

The symptoms of a bite from a werewolf are none. Werewolves are not real therefore can not bite a person.

Does Professor Lupin like being a werewolf or does he hate it?

Being a werewolf means not being able to get a job and make money, not having many friends at all. I'm sure he loves it.

What are werewolf symptoms?

There are many symptoms that can be seen when determining whether one is a werewolf or not. One symptom is a body that is covered in hair.

Can the male dog have symptoms?

Depends on what ailment the symptoms are going with.Can he show symptoms of being in heat? Not likely.Can he show symptoms of having parvo? Yup.Can he show symptoms of exhaustion? Yup.

How do werewolves reproduce?

Werewolves under go sexual reproduction just as humans or wolves typically would. Also, werewolves can be created from a human being bitten by a werewolf or from a human having sex with a werewolf. A human will only become a werewolf during sex if the werewolf wills the human to change.

What are the symptoms of a cat having a stroke?

There are a variety of symptoms of a cat having a stroke. These include its head tilted to one side and unresponsiveness and not being able to walk straight and circling.

Where is your presentation on the symptoms of being infected by werewolf blood?

In my private library: third stack, north side, fifth row from the bottom, 37th from the east end.

Was turning into a werewolf is a same as turning into a mermaid?

No, being a werewolf and being a mermaid are two completely different things.

What are some of the symptoms of having kidney cancer?

There are many symptoms of having kidney cancer. Symptoms of kidney cancer include being obese, blood in urine, loss of appetite, anemia, swelling in ankles and legs, and bone pain.

How the virus of a werewolf it spread?

In modern mythology, it is spread by being bitten by a werewolf.

What are common symptoms of low Vitamin D?

The common symptoms of low vitamin D is sythnetisis to the sun light, having no energy, having pale skin and not being able to concentrate on anything.

Why were people accused of being werewolves?

Well the reason why people are being accused of being a werewolf is because they believe and that their afraid of the werewolf kind but don't tell anybody this but I'm a werewolf and people are mostly afraid of me except my friends. Cause they can except me and they think it's cool. Of course it's fun being a werewolf.

What color is Collin's fur as a werewolf?

Collin's Wolf is described of having reddish brown fur with his face\tail and legs being darker

Is Jacob willing to give up being a werewolf just to be with Bella?

Jacob can't actually 'Give up' being a werewolf

If a girl is having symptoms of being pregnant within a few days is she?

You're not supposed to be having symptoms of pregnancy within the first few days. You're probably just paranoid. Use protection!

Can your girlfriend have symptoms of being pregnant after a week from intercourse?

Probably not. Symptoms of pregnancy are caused by hormonal changes, seven days is not sufficient time for hormones to be causing symptoms. She maybe having PMS - the symptoms are often similar.

I have been dreams about being a werewolf and now im having something to do with the simptomes?

You already know the answer to that question. So i now say "Welcome to the club"

Can you have symptoms of being pregnant if you are only fifteen?

If you have started having your period you need to go get a pregnancy test.

Can you become a werewolf without being bitten?

You watch too much twilight. You can't become a werewolf.

What are the symptoms of a kidney cancer before it is full blown?

Symptoms of kidney cancer include weight loss, bloody urine, having side pain, having a lump on your side, and being tired and just not feeling well.

Can a male have trichomoniasis without having symptoms?

Yes, a male can have trich without having symptoms.