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Encourage the person or persons with legal custody to file for child support modification or diversion of funds to them. If they do not have legal custody, that must be established or child support will continue to go to the person of record, the parent, in this case.

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Q: What can you do if you know a parent receiving child support but doesn't have custody of the children?
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If the mother doesnt work but has less custody then the father does the father have to pay child support?

Do what the court says, but fight for it.

You signed joint custody papers with your ex and they say there is no child support but he doesnt get her for equal time as you He gets her on weekends Is there any way you can still get child support?

You may be able to petition the court to modify your custody order which includes a request for child support going forward.

Does your husband have to provide financial support when he walks out on children?

yes he's their father if he doesnt you should take him to court.

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Will the courts grant a mother sole custody to her kids if the non custodial parent doesnt see his kids but he is paying child support?

probably Depends on circumstances, but if he's not voluntarily, why does it matter?

Can you force custody on a parent who doesnt want it?

Yes, there have been couple who argued who was getting stuck with the kids. Usually because both had professions that left them little time for children.

Can your dad stop you from moving in with your moms parents if he doesn't have custody?

No he cant he doesnt have any rights over you. if your mom has custody over you she can tho.

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What is the difference of custody and guardingship?

I have a legal court order giving me custody of my grandaughter because the parents are unfit, what are my responiblities and do they have any say in the matter and no visitation was ever set/ not does the father pay child support, he refuses to work and doesnt get locked up . can you help me with some answers?

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Can you get custody of your daughter who doesnt want to live with her lesbian mum?

A: If you have $20,000 for legal fees, you can. Depends on the age of the child, circumstances of the divorce/separation.For instance in the US,In custody cases involving children under 13,the judge decides who is the better fitting parent. Above 13, the child chooses. Also, her being a lesbian has no bearing on custody.If you need support there are several support groups for fathers online.A bit of advice though: Make sure you do whats right for the child ;)

Can I stay with my dad who doesnt custody of me and he cant go to the courts because he is sick?

not a matter

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