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You do not own your employment file. Employees are allowed to see personal files which contain information relating to their censure or dismissal. Contact your union representative (if any) an attorney or the local legal aid society for assistance.

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Q: What can you do if you were fired and your former employer refuses to give you a copy of your file?
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How to download online w 2 from without gettng in touch with my former employer.?

If you employer has that information on their website you can download a copy of it. But otherwise you will have to contact your employer to get a copy of your W2 forms.

Your employer refuses to give you a 1099 what should you do?

You should be able to obtain a copy from the Internal Revenue Service.

How can a former employee get current W-2s from the internet?

You will have to contact your former employer's payroll department to get that information. If you can't retrieve your W-2s on-line, you will be able to get a duplicate copy from the employer or the necessary information from the IRS.

How do I get a copy of my w2?

by asking your employer

Does an employer have to have a copy of your social security card?

In the US, an employer does not have to have a copy of your Social Security Card but must be given your Social Security Number. If you want to do that by giving a copy of your Social Security Card, you can, but it is not recommended.

How can one get a replacement copy of a pay stub?

One can get a replacement copy of a pay stub from your employer. However for them to acquire another copy will require extra fees. These fees will either be absorbed by your employer or you would have to pay for it.

Can an employer request a copy of results of a drug test?

It is likely as an employer can order a worker to have a drug test

Is it legal for a employer to have a copy of an employee driver license?


Can you print out a copy of a W-2 from a previous year?

Only if your employer participates in an online W2 program. Talk with your payroll or accounting office. If you are unable to access a copy on line, the department should be able to provide a copy at no charge. This is also true of former employers. For more information, see Related Questions, below.

Need to find your w2 for 2008?

Contact your employer and ask for a copy.

How do you get a replacement copy of your 2008 w2?

Call your employer and ask for one.

Where does employer send copy c 1099 misc for CA?


How do you get copy of your w2?

2/08/2011 no W2 from employer yet.

Can an employer deny giving an employee a copy of their resume?

Yes the employer has the right to deny this since the resume was given to the employer which is now company's property(just the paper of course).

How do you ask your employer to acknowledge your letter of resignation?

You really don't need your employer to acknowledge it. You should keep a copy of your letter of resignation. Once your employer receives it (depending on where you work), you would normally be giving two weeks notice. At the end of the two weeks, you will receive your last paycheck and any additional monies owed you, and then you move on. If your employer does not do so, and refuses to comply with your letter of resignation, then go to Labor Relations and make a complaint. In any event, you are free to go to another job at that time.

Where Can you see your old W2 form?

Your employer (or ex-employer) MAY have a copy of it, although they are not required by law to keep one. The other alternative is to write the IRS and ask them if they might have a copy of it in their records of your tax history.

Does an employer send copies of 1099s to state?

Yes they do send a copy to the state.

How do you get a copy of your 2006 W-2?

Contact the employer. They retain a copy of all W-2's for a few years.

How do you get a copy of 2007 w-2 form?

Your employer HR office should have a copy or if you used a tax preparer,they may have it.

Is my former manager allowed to refuse giving me a copy of the contract?

If you aren't working for them anymore they don't have to give you a copy. You should all ready have a copy.

How can an adult child get a copy of their deceased parents' living trust when a brother who is the trustee refuses to supply one?

Contact the Attorney or whomever Legally drew up the Trust. * The attorney will not give out such information. If the trustee refuses to supply the beneficiaries with a copy of the trust or the information that is sought, the interested party will need to petition the probate court for a copy of the document.

Can I get my w2 tax form online?

Yes, you can get your W2 tax form online if your employer allows you to. Generally, though, your employer will mail you a copy of your W2 forms for added security.

If I lost my W-2 forms is there a way to get them off the Internet?

If your employer makes them available to you through the internet at a designated site, then, yes, you should be able to get a copy that way. If your employer is only providing paper copies of W-2 forms, then you'll have to contact your employer for replacement copies. If your employer provides a replacement paper copy, the words "Reissued Statement" are supposed to be written on the new copy. Those words don't have to be written on replacement electronic copies.

How can you recover lost pay stubs?

You can usually go online and print your pay stubs. You can also ask human resources of your employer or your employer for a copy.

What do you do if you lost your W-2 form?

Contact your employer and ask for a new copy.