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depending on what you broke up with him for is why you are having a hard timing dealing with it, the best thing for you to do is say that you were sorry would like to try it again and ask for another chance otherwise its just going to eat you up inside. Try to make him understand what you are thinking and what you want to do to improve next time.

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2006-04-06 03:02:14
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Q: What can you do if your boyfriend and you just broke up and you have been going out for about a year and you want him back so bad because you were also best friends?
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What's going on with your boyfriend if he broke up with you but calls or instant messages you daily?

He wants to remain friends with you.

What should you do because your boyfriend is going out with your best friend and broke up with you?

Stay away they are both trash to treat you this way to start with. You need new friends.

My ex boyfriend broke up with me I start going out with his friend what should I do?

I don't think it's a bad thing, because of the fact the he broke up with you.

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Why does your boyfriend want to remain friends with his ex?

The real question is why should it bother you. Either trust that its just being friends, or break up and move on because if you can't trust your boyfriend your not going to have a happy relationship.

What do you think of becoming friends with benefits with a boyfriend where the breakup was mutual because you were going away to college?

what ever makes you happy.

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I think if you broke up with them, they may still like you. I know, I have experience with this. My boyfriend broke up with me because he didn't want his friends to know he was going out with me. I think he does like me a little, but, I guess you have to flirt with them so they get to know that you like them. I hope I answered your question.

Your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend and he says he doesnt like you anymore how do you no he is telling the truth?

if your best friend is going out with your ex-boyfriend then thats okay for them but if your best friends boyfriend says he doesnt like you anymore then he may not because you can always tell weather someone likes you when they call you names. if your best friends boyfriend does that then he odviously likes you

Your boyfriend and you broke up and I'm over him and it's been a while since you talked and he said he wanted to be friends should you talk to him first?

Of course. You to are just going to be friends, so yeah talk to him. First nothing serious, just two friends talking.

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How do you get your boyfriend back he broke up with me?

I dont know about you but my boyfriend used me just to have a date then broke up with me and then asked out my arch enemy so what I am going to do is there is this boy and he asked me out while i was going out with my ex. i said no but now i am going to make him mad by FLIRTING WITH THE OTHER GUY AND MAKE HIM JEALOUS!!!!

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