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Assuming that the couple are not married, the law presumes the unmarried mother has sole legal rights to the child and is not legally required to use the father's surname. This will apply even in matters of child support or the biological father receiving custodial/visitation rights. The exception would be if the biological father received full custody of the child, the court would allow the child to bear the father's surname for reasons that would be in the child's best interest and not that of either parent. The person "reporting" the birth (normally the mother or both parents) can call the child any name they wish.

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Q: What can you do if your ex is pregnant and you want the baby to have your last name but the mother does not agree?
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If a girl gets pregnant by her boyfriend and then she and her bf break up and while she is still pregnant she finds another bf when the baby is born can she give it the last name of her current bf?

It is all up to the mother, she has the right to give it any last name.

Can an unwed mother give her baby the father's last name?

Yes, the baby can have whatever last name you want it to have.

Your boyfriend is 21 and you are 16 and pregnant by him can our baby have his last name?

you can use any last name.

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If baby already has father last name and he pays child support can mother change to her last name?

If you mean that the mother changes the baby's surname, of course.If you mean that the mother changes her surname to the father's (the same as the baby), of course.

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If unmarried can a mother give her baby the fathers last name?

if the mother wants the child to have the fathers last name she can or the baby can have her last name because my boyfriend wants our child 2 have is last name but i want the child 2 have mine because of the rights

If your not married but are expecting a baby. And the mother of the baby refuses to give the baby the fathers last name but the father is resposible and has been every step of the way what do you do?

If you are not married to the mother of the child and she wants the child to have her last name, then there is nothing you can do. In a court of law they always go with the mother unless there is any evidence as to why they shouldn't. If you want the baby to have your last name you should marry the mother. By law the mother is the custodial parent. If you don't want to get married just because there is a baby now then you should've thought about that before you wanted to play. You may find compromise in letting the baby have two last names or a conjoined one, with or without a middle name. well ask the baby what it thinks!

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Does a father have the right to have the baby have his last name?

If the mother has taken his name yes. If the mother has not taken his name it's open.

Can the baby take the father's last name if the parents are not married?

Actually yes the baby can take the father's name because last time i heard, the mother gets to pick either if she wants the baby' s last name to be hers or his.

If both lovers are married and they get pregnant can the mother use the lovers last name?

If both lovers are married not to each other and they have a child can the mother give the child her lovers last name

Can the baby have mother and fathers last name?

Sure, hyphenated last names are becoming very common.WHICH ONE IS THE TRUE LAST NAME

Your wife is pregnant from your family friend can you give your name to the baby?

I think you have bigger problems than worrying about the last name your baby gets

My cousin's girlfriend is having a baby by someone else but my cousin plans on raising the baby with her like his own but can they give the baby my cousins last name?

If the babies mother wants the baby to have your cousins last name then the baby can. When the baby is registered if the baby's mother takes the baby on her own then only her name can appear on the birth certificate and the baby will take her surname. If your cousin wants his name on then he needs to go to get her registered as well and then the baby can have his surname.

Can a father change his child's last name if the mom signed her rights away?

Yes it would be illegal if the mother did not agree.

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What should be the fathers first move if Mother and father are not married but baby has fathers last name mother left baby with her mother grandmother is willing to help father gain full custody?

Get a good family law lawyer.

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yes, you can make the last name what ever you want,.