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First, buy the house in your name not your husbands. Do not have his name anywhere on the title and be sure he signs the waiver that says he has nothing to do with the deed or property. So, use only your credit. As long as all is in your name with only you responsible for making payments his bad credit will have no impact on your home loan.

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Q: What can you do if your husband had a foreclosure immediately prior to your marriage and you now want to buy a house and are having trouble?
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If a marriage are in trouble husband have affair why is the wife the first to be blame?

Honestly I can't say. All I can tell you is that usually the man is looking for something he was missing in the marriage. I don't necessarily mean it was the wife's fault or anything but in my opinion that's what I would think. The husand is just looking for someone else to take the blame for his bad behavior. If he was unhappy in his marriage, he should have sought counseling or a Divorce lawyer . The wife should not take the blame if she has been honest and faithful to her husband.

If your husband was married when he married you are you married?

No, and he is in big trouble. In the United States a person can be married to only one person at a time. If they wish to remarry, they must end their present marriage legally, by a court decree. If a person 'marries' another person while still married the second marriage is null and void. The man you think you married is not your husband. He is still married to his wife. You should be aware that your partner's wife is his legal heir at law if he should die and leave any estate. You have no rights in that regard and you have no husband.

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Dreaming about a broken wedding ring?

This dream suggests trouble in the marriage. By extension, it might represent some other marriage-like partnership that is broken or in trouble, such as a contract with a business partner or a broken promise of any sort.

Is it a crime if a wife and her friend attempt to set her husband up for following her to a hotel thinking that he will break in on her and it failed.?

If a wife and her boyfriend set her husband up to follow her to a hotel, they could get in trouble. If the wife has a restraining order against the husband, this could cause her to get in trouble. Not to mention it is entrapment.

How do you use his her and their in a sentence?

His dog did not get along well with her cat, and as a result, their marriage was in trouble.

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It depends on what you did to lose their trust. Try marriage counseling with a certified psychiatrist and work on it there. A marriage without trust is in trouble.

If a husband is the primary on a loan and the wife is co-signer and they divorce who is responsible for a repossession?

Both, and the judge or attorneys on both sides will come to a conclusion on who pays what. Both are responsible though. If the wife was a home maker the entire marriage you might be in trouble.

Where can one get online free marriage advice?

There are a lot of websites that offer advice on marriage. Some of these are websites that directly target couples in trouble like Marriage Builders, and Marriage Max. However, one can also post in forums specializing on marriage or marital problems.

Is it legal to date a married woman?

no, it would get you in trouble if found out from the husband or wife.

Why can't I get my husband after 40 years of marriage to want to make love to me after having a few affairs in the last 20 years even though he says he loves me his libido is nil when he is with me?

There is much more than sex that makes a good marriage and if he had several affairs then your marriage was in trouble during that 40 years of marriage and neither of you did anything to rectify the problems. Communication is the most important factor of a marriage where the spouses feel free to discuss any of their feelings with each other. A man can love his wife, but she may not listen to his needs (and visa-versa) and the needs in a human have to be filled and this is where the problems begin with one or both spouses cheating. A low libido can be caused from diabetes; heart problems (medications can lower the libido); antidepressants lower the libido of both men and women. Get your husband in for a good physical to be sure there is nothing going on regarding his low libido. It isn't always about the wife when a husband has a low libido. Sit down with your husband and discuss seeing a marriage counselor. A marriage counselor is not there to blame either spouse, but to find out where the root of their problem is and give them the tools to help them improve upon their marriage.

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