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Title Transfer Just call your states Vehicle titles and registrations office. If the car is paid off and ownership has transferred to another person who has failed to transfer the title, all you have to do is fill out a registration transfer form with that office.

After you report the transfer, the next time this person tries to renew the registration they will be denied a sticker until they transfer the title. Also this informs your states Title and Registrations office that you are no longer responsible for the vehicle.

If the person has your vehicle without your permission you have to notify the police department of theft. This also relieves you of liability for the actions of the driver and makes it impossible for them to renew the registration.

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If you originally gave this person permission to use your vehicle and they have not returned it. You can not just report it stolen. You will first have to send them a registered or certified letter to the last known address return receipt requested, demanding return of your vehicle within a specified time frame (Usually 10 days). If they do not return the vehicle within the specified time, you can then then take your Certification receipt and file an Auto Theft report with your local police department. I would report this person immediately. BTW how is the car registered if has no insurance? And did you know until the loan is paid off, not only YOU, your EX but the BANK is the owner too! So they require to keep insurance on the (their if you like) car as well! This is a dangerous situation, get out of it ASAP You do not need insurance to register a vehicle in three states. Those states are New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Neither has mandatory insurance, and you do not need insurance in those two states to purchase buy, license or drive a vehicle.

You are however still liable for damages caused by your vehicle whether or not you are driving at the time of the accident. Also, your will still need mandatory insurance if there is a loan on the car as stated in the above answer.

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Q: What can you do if your name is on the title and the insurance is in your name but someone else drives it and has out standing traffic tickets. Will that affect the cost of insurance for me.?
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NO, the color of a vehicle has no bearing on the insurance rate, However research has shown that drivers of red color vehicles do get more traffic tickets. These additional traffic tickets can result in higher insurance premiums.

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You cause a car accident and got a ticket from the police will insurance cover you?

Yes, that's why we buy insurance, however, the insurance co. is not resposible for paying traffic tickets, it is your resposibility.

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What is the statue of limitations on traffic tickets in Oklahoma

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