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Your partial plate needs to be adjusted by your dentist. I also wear a partial plate and the metal part that fits on the roof of your mouth should JUST come behind the hollow of the roof of your mouth. Feel the roof of your mouth with your tongue, and if the metal plate is over-lapping behind that hollow it is too long. Also, if you have gone without partials in the upper, lower or both for sometimes your tongue will spread, so when you get new partials it has a tendency to push the tongue back in place causing a gagging relex. This will go away as you adjust to your new partials. Please discuss all this with your dentist as something can be done about it to make you more comfortable. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2004-12-13 04:33:20
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Q: What can you do if your new partial plate has a metal material on the roof of your mouth that causes a gag reflex?
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