What can you do in Ireland?

kiss the blarney stone

For sure you could kiss the blarney stone which is thought to give people the 'gift of the gab' (the gift of being good at talking and chatting, however there are other more exciting thing to do. You could watch a hurling match. Hurling is the fastest field game in the world, and if you can get to see a top-level inter county match such as a provincial final or all-ireland final it's something you'll never forget. We have some of the best lakes and rivers for fishing in Europe if not in the world. We have splendid landscapes, from green fields to rolling hills to spectacular cliffs, ther there's the pubs and the music which have to be explored. Ireland is a great place to visit, it never gets to hot (24c-25c in summer) and never gets too cold (except for last winter which was an exception) in winter, so it's perfect for all the family. Oh and bring a raincoat, there has to be a little downside to the 40shade of green :)