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if your talking about the one on or in the starter, you have a bad solinoid. This could be or come to be very serious, very quickly, for instance, if it sticks while the gears are engaged it will burn out the starter and maybe a feed back that could burn wires. A starter uses a lot of juice and the wires could get very hot if the starter sticks

2007-11-03 02:12:03
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Q: What can you do to fix the starter plunger switch for Jeep Cherokee that sticks?
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Where is relay switch for starter on a 2000 jeep Cherokee?

The starter relay is built on the starter.

Can a bad neutral safety switch on a 1999 Jeep Cherokee prevent it from starting?

The neutral safety switch keeps the starter from engaging when the transmission is in any gear EXCEPT park or neutral. A faulty switch would either allow the starter to engage any time or not allow the starter to engage at any time.

What do you check when 1996 Jeep Cherokee Sport won't even click when iginition is turned?

Battery Battery cables Neutral switch (if auto) Clutch safety switch (if std) Starter Starter solenoid switch Ignition switch do other functions work? (wipers, turn signals, radio, etc.)

Why would 98 Cherokee not start turn key everything comes on no crank can jump starter terminals and wil start cleaned neutral safety switch already?

your ignition switch or the starter solenoid is bad try jumping the solenoid instead of the starter, if this does not work, then change solenoid

Why does my Cherokee start intermittently?

there are several problems that could cause this on a jeep one is the ignition switch, the starter, the gear changer on the transmission.

Starter sticks on 91 Ford E350 even once key is removed any answers as to why?

Probably a bad key switch, the starter needs voltage from the switch to the solenoid to engage so start there. You might also want to look at the starter, sometimes something can get lodged down there and bridge the connection.

Why do the brake lights constantly stay on whether the vehicle is on or off?

There is a brake light switch mounted high up on the brake pedal. The switch has a plunger which is released (extends) when you step on the brake pedal. This completes an electrical circuit. The switch has either come loose from where is it mounted so that the plunger is released all the time or part of the plunger has broken off. This has the same effect as having the plunger released.

Why won't the Jeep Grand Cherokee intermitantly start?

You might want to check your park-neutral safety switch, if it is not engaged the starter will not run.

1994 Jeep Cherokee want start or make a sound when you try to start it. Everything else work but when trying to start want make a sound.?

i would check the cranking circuit,starter,starter relay,ignition switch,neutral safety switch.

How do you install a headlight switch on a 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

My son's went out, and here's how he did it. You'll have to remove the dashboard panels (look for the exposed screws). When you get to the headlight switch, reach to the right side of the switch itself (behind the dash); there's a release button there. Press it as you pull the plunger completely out. The hole where the plunger went in has large Phillips head slots; put a screwdriver in it and turn left and completely remove. The switch is now loose; disconnect it on the left from the wiring harness plug.

How do you replace the clutch safety switch on a Ford Escort?

The clutch safety switch keeps the car from starting unless the clutch is pushed in. On the top of the clutch pedal there is a little black box with a plunger on it. When the clutch is pushed in the electrical connection to the starter solenoid is completed. The switch just unscrews from the bracket.

Where is the reversing light switch on a Peugeot 307?

It is a plunger type switch screwed into the top of the transmission casing.

Is there a starter swith on s10 95 chev?

You have a starter/ignition switch mounted in the steering column and you have a starter solenoid switch that is mounted to the starter.

Where is the brake light switch on a '06 Hyundai Accent?

The brake light switch is high up on the brake pedal. It has a plunger on it. The plunger releases when you step on the brake pedal and retracts when you release the pedal.

How do you fix brake lights that are permanently lit on a Fiat Punto?

Check the brake light switch. It is mounted high up on the brake pedal (has a plunger on the end). The plunger on the switch has either broken off or the switch has come loose from where it is mounted to the pedal.

What is a switch to starter cable?

Starter solenoid?

Where is the neutral safety swith located at on a 95 escort wagon with manual transmission?

The clutch safety switch is on the clutch pedal shaft. It is a small black box with a plunger coming out of it. When you push the clutch down, the clutch safety switch connects the starter and it should turn over. If it doesn't you may have to replace it or adjust it. It's adjustable. Just adjust it until the red plunger is fully retracted out of the switch when the clutch pedal is pushed in all the way.

What is the Limit switches working principle?

Limit switch is one type Of " Contact Sensor" , In that there is Normally Open Contact & Normally Close Contact, In limit switch there is Plunger it is Directly Connected to NO & NC Contact if we press the plunger NO contact become NC & NC contact become NO, Working Principle same as Contactor ( DOL starter ) main difference is in contactor There is Coil to attract the Plunger But In Limit Swict Plunger is Operated Mecanically.Limit Switches is used mainly for Safety Purpose & to take Feed back for PLC in Automation industries........Source(s):In My Plant I have installed limit Switches.. A limit switch is a switch, usually mechanical, that is actuated by a moving part of some machine. Its operation is much like any other switch in that there are contacts that move when a plunger or lever on the outside of the switch is pushed. Internally there is an over center spring mechanism that snaps the switch open or shut in response to a gradual motion of the plunger or lever.Many limit switches have three terminals. One is the normally closed contact, another the normally open contact, and the third is the common that switches between these two as the mechanism is moved.

The function of the solenid switch on the starter motor?

solenid switch engages and disengages the bendix on the starter

How do you wire a plunger switch battery and horn?

you need to be more pasific buddy

Where is the relay switch for the starter in a 1995 Grand Am?

The 1995 Pontiac Grand Am starter relay switch can be found on the firewall in the engine compartment. The starter relay switch will be on the drivers side of the firewall.

What to do if starter is grinding flywheel?

Sounds like solenoid is not releasing or ignition switch is not moving from start to run position. If solenoid is located on top of starter remove clean plunger and replace If solenoid is on firewall replace If the starter is not fully engaging the flywheel, you'll need to either replace the starter or the Bendix/solenoid assembly. If the flywheel has been damaged, you'll need to replace that as well.

When did Bauer switch from wood sticks to composite sticks?

because he felt like it

Where is the starter relay switch on a 1996 Toyota Corolla?

where is the starter relay switch on a 1996 Toyota corolla

Where is the kill switch on a Jeep Cherokee?

It doesn't have a "kill" switch.