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heating pad maybe. :-S

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Q: What can you do to help with pain in your lower abdomen after sex?
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What are the symptoms of ovarian cancer?

Pain in the lower abdomen or sideBloated, full feeling in the abdomen** Irregular periods Lower tummy (abdominal) painBack painPassing urine more often than usualConstipationPain during sexA swollen abdomenLoss of appetiteFeeling or being sickConstipationTirednessShortness of breathNoticeable swelling of the abdomenSymptoms of ovarian cancer are abdominal pressure, persistent abdominal pain or the feeling of fullness, gas, nausea, indigestion, changes with bowel activity, lower back pain, loss of appetite, and lack of energy. Many of these symptoms are also associated with a variety of other medical conditions and requires diagnosis from a medical specialist.

What causes pain in lower abdomen when you are NOT on your period?

You could be ovulating, endometrosis, ovarian cysts, or gas. It just depends on how frequent the pains are, if they stay in the same place or move or if you Have them during sex.

Where do you feel pain with an ovarian cyst?

Many ovarian cysts don't cause symptoms:Pressure, swelling, or pain in the abdomenPelvic painDull ache in the lower back and thighsProblems passing urine completelyPain during sexWeight gainPain during your periodAbnormal bleedingNausea or vomitingBreast tenderness

How do you determine if you have endometriosis or not?

The following symptoms can indicate endometriosis: Painful or heavy periods, the pain being in the lower abdomen or back; Pain during and after sex; Bleeding between periods; Difficulty becoming pregnant. There are other possible symptoms, but a doctor will need to confirm the diagnosis.

Is there a perfectly good reason as to why I am having an unusual pain in my abdomen after first time sex?

We cannot diagnose personal medical problems. If you are experiencing pain visit your doctor.

What causes a pulsating pain in your left lower area of your back?

Not enough sex.

I got recently married and since three days i feel pain on lower abdomen mostly the right side.and i also feel severe lower back pain.i had sex with my husband 5 days back .......?

You may have a kidney or bladder infection or possibly a yeast infection. These are quite common with a new bride and vaginal sex. To be sure, check with your doctor!!!!

Are you pregnant if you have the symptoms late period lower abdomen pain eating a lot and all of these occurred about 5 weeks after having sex?

Its very possible you could be pregnant. Unfortunately I cannot tell you if you're pregnant. Only a blood test can do that.

What are the possible symptoms of Gram negative extracellular diplococci?

Symptoms include a burning sensation while passing urine, pus like or yellow discharge from penis, pain and swelling in testicles. In women symptoms include pain while passing urine, vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, heavier periods, or bleeding between periods and or after the sex.

Could you be pregnant if you have these symptoms breast tenderness late period lower abdomen pain about 5weeks after having sex and eating a lot more than usual?

They are all clear pregnancy symptoms so its very possible you are pregnant. Test to be certain.

Lower abdmonal pain above the hair line after sex?

u may be pregnant....get a test

Why would you have severe pain in abdomen really heavy flow with clots also hot flashes and severe pain during sex 1 year after TL?

Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome or maybe Adenomyosis

Will pain medicine help the pain of first time sex?

Here painkillers may not work, as they mainly are for muscle pains .

Why di i have aches in lower abdomen and a little bleeding after sex?

It depends. If you were a virgin, it may just be the loss of virginity. If you have had sex before and this just started happening, there are any number of reasons for it. See a doctor.

Is it normal for lower abdominal pain and vaginal soreness post sex?

Those complaints are are definitely not normal. They are not uncommon either. Unfortunately, few women seek medical attention while suffering from pain during or after sex. Some do not know where to ask for help, others consider their pain to be a part of life.If you suffer from pain or soreness during or after sex, my advice would be to consult your GP. He or she can investigate your complaints, treat you, or refer you to a Gyneacologist if necessarry.- This answer was provided by a Dutch medical student.

What does it mean if you bleed a little and have lower back pain when you should be ovulating?


After sex Is lower abdominal pain a sign of pregnancy?

No, it takes 3 days for a sperm to get into a egg and make you pregnant.

What could it mean if you have been getting very severe pain in your lower abdomen for approximately 10 minutes after sex?

Severe pain of ANY kind is never normal. And no one is going to diagnose something like that online. FAQ Farm is not an online medical diagnosis site. Please contact a health professional immediately. For your health, please do it! ~ T

How do you tell the sex of a fly?

Male: Sex combs on forelegs, dark and rounded abdomen, smaller sizeFemale: Pointed and pale abdomen, large size

Is lower stomach pain after sex normal and what could this mean?

No. Lower stomach pain isn't normal. It could mean many things. Infection or you just strained a musle. It would be safer to ask a doctor just to be sure.

Can sex cause lower abdomen to get bigger?

Sex can cause bloating if the intercourse goes too deep or too rough. The cervix as a result becomes sore and swollen. This has been known to give a bloated or sore feeling.

Is tightness in lower abdomen after sex a sign of pregnancy?

I have experienced tightness and cramping after sex. later in pregnancy, sex can bring on labor. early in pregnancy, your probably feeling your muscles contracting after orgasm because it affects your uterus as well. like braxton hicks contractions

Will sex hurt if you do it during your monthly period?

No, there's little reason why sex could hurt during menstruation - except that the cervix can sit lower so be easier to hit, which can cause pain. If you do experience pain then like any other time in your cycle you stop having sex and address the problem.

What are the symptoms of indimetriosis?

The actual word is endometriosis. Its symptoms include painful menstrual cramps, chronic pain in the lower back , pain during or after sex, intestinal pain and painful bowel movements or urination during menstrual periods.

Can you prevent pain during sex?

yes, there are too pain during first time sex with any gal.