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heating pad maybe. :-S

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2006-04-03 01:23:18
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Q: What can you do to help with pain in your lower abdomen after sex?
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Are you ovulating if you get lower abdomen pain after sex?

Not necessarily. The safest way to find out when you ovalate is to get help from your doctor and count and take tests for months. It's more likely he got too deep and bumped against the opening of the Uterus. That can be everything from mild discomfort to pain.

What causes pain in lower abdomen when you are NOT on your period?

You could be ovulating, endometrosis, ovarian cysts, or gas. It just depends on how frequent the pains are, if they stay in the same place or move or if you Have them during sex.

Can a man have a lower sex drive due to a groin and abdomen hernias?

No, but these problems can make sex painful enough for a guy to avoid it.

How do you determine if you have endometriosis or not?

The following symptoms can indicate endometriosis: Painful or heavy periods, the pain being in the lower abdomen or back; Pain during and after sex; Bleeding between periods; Difficulty becoming pregnant. There are other possible symptoms, but a doctor will need to confirm the diagnosis.

Is it normal to have lower abdominal pain during sex and a shooting pain after sex?

no it is not normal you should see a doctor Maybe a urinary track infection

Lower abdominal and butt pain after sex?

Must have been pretty big

What causes a pulsating pain in your left lower area of your back?

Not enough sex.

Is there a perfectly good reason as to why I am having an unusual pain in my abdomen after first time sex?

We cannot diagnose personal medical problems. If you are experiencing pain visit your doctor.

Are you pregnant if you have the symptoms late period lower abdomen pain eating a lot and all of these occurred about 5 weeks after having sex?

Its very possible you could be pregnant. Unfortunately I cannot tell you if you're pregnant. Only a blood test can do that.

I got recently married and since three days i feel pain on lower abdomen mostly the right side.and i also feel severe lower back pain.i had sex with my husband 5 days back .......?

You may have a kidney or bladder infection or possibly a yeast infection. These are quite common with a new bride and vaginal sex. To be sure, check with your doctor!!!!

What are the possible symptoms of Gram negative extracellular diplococci?

Symptoms include a burning sensation while passing urine, pus like or yellow discharge from penis, pain and swelling in testicles. In women symptoms include pain while passing urine, vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, heavier periods, or bleeding between periods and or after the sex.

What sex positions can alleviate lower back pain in women?

Lotus,reverse cowgirl works for me

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