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U can write them a note telling u like them or if ur not shy say i like u to there face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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What happens if you like a boy your friend likes?

Let her know that you also like him but do not let him break you apart from your friend

How do you get out of the friend zone with a girl friend?

You let her know that you like her.Find out if she likes you too.

How do you let him know you like him without telling him?

You ask a friend to tell him for you :)

How do you let a guy know you like him more than a friend?

by askng him out

What to do if your friend likes a boy that like you but you do not like him?

Tell him that you're not interested but that your friend is. Answer:Encourage your friend to go for it... and let your friend know that there's no competition, cuz you don't like him

If you are to shy to tell a guy you like him how do you let him know you like him with saying it?

Get a friend of yours to tell a friend of his. Best of luck

How do you let your best friend know you like her?

If she is your best friend than just straight up tell her.

If you like a boy and they don't like you back what should you do?

let him get to know you as a friend then take it farther!

How do you know if a girl still like you?

Ask her or text her but don't let your friend do it.

How do let a boy know you like them?

You can let a boy know you like him by starting to talk to him and have friend ask him what he thinks of you. Or like most guys like you can just go up to him and let him know by eye contact, a little flirting and if you be straight up usually the guy ends up saying a yes. ugg don't ask a friend

What should you do if your friend makes out with your crush and the friend knows you like them?

sit down and talk to your friend about it. let her know how it hurts you that she goes and does that even tho she knows you like him. that is not a true friend.

What to do when your friend has a crush on your best guy friend and this bothers you but you don't know why and it's not because you like him because you know you don't?

Let the lovers love

I am sexually attracted to your best friend and i don't know what to do about it?

Best thing to do is just let my best friend know that you like her|him , lol I don't care

How can you let a boy know you like him?

you could try telling him yourself, or get a friend to say it.

What do you do if your friend asks you to break up with your friend because he is afraid to he doesn't want to hurt your other friend and you like him but doesn't know if he likes you?

let him no its ok and let her no the truth if you dont feel the same any more she should know

How do you let a friend know you like her?

By eating her farts. And giving her rabies. Hope this helps!!!! love:your friend :) I like u 2 :) *kiss kiss*

You like this guy but you know he likes your best friend. Your best friend knows you like this guy and she claims she doesn't like him. What do you do?

well sorry i know this is hard to heard, but if he likes ur friend u should let her have him

How can you talk to a guy and let him know you like him?

well to let a guy know that you like him you need to get him away from his friend and slowly bit by bit tell him why youlike him and then get a bit closer and tell him.

What do you do when your crush tries to set you up with his best friend?

you need to come out and just let u know u like him and not his friend

How do I tell my best friend that I like the same guy she does?

just go a head and let your friend know thta you love the guy that she does

How can you talk to a guy and let him know you like him but his friend wont let you get near him?

try and talk to him when his friend isn't there (is she a girl? cause she might like him too..) or try and meet up just the two of you. text him.

What do you do if you and your friend like the same girl and you both just met her?

Talk to your friend first, let him know you like the same girl. Be yourself, respectful and honest. Who does the girl like?

What do you do if your close to a guy friend but you know if he likes you?

It depends. If you like him then everything's perfect!! If you don't like him, then dont let him know that you know that he likes you. It'll ruin the friendship!

How do you know a sixth boy likes you and not let him know you like him?

Ask your friend to ask him if he likes you...but don't make it obivous that you like him when she asks for ya!!!

What to do if a you like a boy and he doesnt like you?

The best thing to do is to try and be his friend, get to know him and let him get to know you. But be careful not to get stuck in the "friend zone". The best thing to do is be yourself and make him laugh. Be his friend. If he really isn't interested, it would probably be best to let it lie. Don't pursue it if it won't happen. Good luck!