What can you do to protect the hydrosphere?

To be blunt, not a great deal. We can and should practice responsible conservation methods in our personal environments. Good stewardship of our resources is everyone's duty.

However, given the staggering enormity of the hydrosphere - defined as all the world's water, including atmospheric water vapor - the notion that humanity has the power to affect it for better or worse is a sign of human arrogance and egomania. We greatly overestimate our impact and significance on this planet. On the global scale, we are simply not that important. The most we can do is clean up after ourselves and leave a place better than it was when we found it.

This little blue marble took care of its business for billions of years before humans appeared, and it will do so after we go away. Mankind is an ant on a jungle trail holding out its forelegs to trip the approaching elephant, a gnat playing Chicken with a 747.

Let us do what we can and forget about doing what we can't.