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What can you do to repair sluggish acceleration in the first and second gears of your 172K-mile 1988 Honda Accord DX?


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2015-07-17 17:56:07
2015-07-17 17:56:07

couple of possible solutions:

1. replace the clutch 2. compression test your cylinders. if poor compression at 172k. sorry. 3. run some fuelsystem cleaner. 4. replace your spark plugs, and wires. if your spark is not strong enough the fuel will not burn fully causing power loss. also replace distributor cap and rotor of applicable. 5. run some premium grade gassoline for 5 or 6 tanks. especially if you have used regular the whole time. if you have you will have some nasty deposits on your valves and build up in your fuel delivery system. premium fuel burns hotter and slower, this will allow it to burn off deposits. the slower burn gives you better gas mileage as well. 6. make sure you have a clean air filter. if your engine cannot breath it gets backed up and robbs power. 7. if nescessary, replace your catalytic converter. this is for the same reason as 6. only at the opposite end. cats can get restricted and or clogged.

I would start with a tune up... Spark Plugs, Wires, And an Air filter. If that doesn"t work start with the easiest to replace and cheapest until you get to what the real problem is


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