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It depends on the bird, some people think that a fake owl strategically placed will keep some birds away.

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Q: What can you do to scare birds away and keep them from returning to your garage?
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Do garden gazing balls scare away birds?

Garden gaing balls are desinged to scare away birds and other pest.

How do you keep birds away from your yard?

You can put up a scarecrow up to scare away the birds

Why do birds fly away from you?

birds fly away from you because you scare them. don't you know that?

How do you keep birds away from tomatoes?

get a scare crow

Will a fake owl scare alway all birds?

Fake owls usually tend to scare away rodents and small songbirds. But it might not scare away hawks or eagles or other big birds like that. But then again it might....

Will fake owl scare away wild birds?

A fake owl is a one way you can try to scare away wild birds. You should make the owl look as real as possible.

How can you keep birds away from your fountain?

What you could do, is get something to scare them away, you could put the "thing" next to what you want birds to stay away from.

How do you scare birds away from food?

shotgun. heh heh heh...

How does an Io Moth scare away birds?

It scares birds away by flashing its wings, that look like an owl's face. There are spots on the wings.

Why put pink flamingos in your yard?

You put pink flamingoes in your yard because they scare away birds that might eat the seeds in your garden or they scare away birds from eating the grass seeds that you might've just planted.

What is a scarecrow's job in the garden?

to scare crows, and other birds, away from the garden

How do you keep birds away from grass seed?

put foil on string so it makes noise in wind scare birds off

What do peacocks fear what would scare them away?

Some dogs can/will chase them away, and people running after them. They are rather bold birds and can fly some to get away.

Does music attract birds?

Nope. This might scare them away if it's too loud. Putting out a bird feeder should attract birds.

How do you keep birds away from your deck?

Place bird feeders on your property, but far away from your deck. You can also purchase holographic, crinkly ribbons that move in the wind and scare away birds to place on or near your deck.

How do you prevent birds from pooping a swimming pool?

Birds need water and will hang around the pool to drink and preen their feathers. If you want to keep them away you most likely have to scare them off. Try a sound bird deterrent to scare them off.

Can your cat be scared of large birds?

Depending on the cat's personality, then yes, it is possible for a cat to be scared of large birds. I have known of a cat to be chased away by a single crow. Some birds are naturally feisty or fearless, so will scare a cat away.

What is the significance of the color of a caterpillar?

Camouflage, usually. So the caterpillar can blend into its surroundings as to not die. Or: to scare away predators(ex: the ones with eye patterns to scare off birds.)

Does the male or female Eastern bluebird protect the nest and how?

They both do. They will scare other birds away by peck at them or charging them.

Why is the crow a bird?

Yes. Crows are birds, and farmers use scarecrows to scare crows and keep them away from their crops.

How do you scare away all snakes?

they are generally scared of birds and maybe coo like a pigeon? =)

Will fishing line deter birds around swimming pools?

NO!! Try a plastic owl. It will scare them away.

Why do giant petrel birds throw up?

Yeah they do and the giant petrel bird throws up to scare away predators.

How do you stop birds from eating allium flowers before blooming?

Unfortunately birds are attracted to allium flowers. Devices that omit sound work well to scare the birds away as well as putting crates over the flowers.

What do you do if you love her but don't want to scare her away by saying it?

that wont scare her away, it will flatter her.