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Keep a record of; the date and time, who it was, where it was, what they said or did. If telephone calls keep record of the time and date so you can easily check your bills to mark off the calls if needed in court. Most Important Know Your Rights. I'm not sure of the total situation but you can call a free legal service in your state and be connected with an adviser who will guide you through your rights. You can also Google it, by typing your state first, then typing laws on harassment. There is so much you can do to put and end to it. So please don't allow this. Keep records of everything even if it was the way (s)he looked at you or made a stupid remark or comment. keep it all dates and time and how it made you feel at the time, ex: it scared me or it made me sick. If you do go to court this is what the judge will want to see, PROOF. If you can also get a tape recording of the incident or incidents, the more the better, less for you to say at court. Good Luck!

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Q: What can you do when apartment management harasses you?
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