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When the ruby and sapphire are recovered the Network machine can be repaired by Celio on One island. The Network Machine allows players to trade with Pokemon Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Coliseum, and Pokemon XD.

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What happens when you put the sapphire and the ruby on the ruby tablet in LeafGreen?

you can then trade to ruby,sapphire, and emerald games

How do you get Pokemon on national pokedex?

from the fight area to the survival area and you may also migrate from ruby sapphire emerald migrate is to put Pokemon ruby sapphire emerald instead of the cover but you must put 6 Pokemon in the PC in ruby sapphire emerald then select in Pokemon platinum migrate from ruby or sapphire or emelard

Ruby and sapphire are oxides of?

Sapphire and ruby are oxides of Aluminium Sapphire and ruby are oxides of Aluminium

Where are the ruby and sapphire gems on sapphire?

The ruby and sapphire are on fire red and leaf green don't worry about the in ruby sapphire or emerald.

Pokemon LeafGreen what does ruby use for?

Combined with the sapphire the ruby and sapphire will allow you to trade with ruby and sapphire and emerald.

The main compound in ruby and sapphire?

The main compound in ruby and sapphire is corundum. It is made of transparent materials in both ruby and sapphire.

Whats the difference between a ruby and a sapphire?

Pokemon Ruby has Pokemon that Pokemon Sapphire does not and Pokemon Sapphire has Pokemon that Pokemon Ruby does not.

Where is professor Oak on Ruby and Sapphire?

there is no professor oak in ruby and sapphire

When you get the ruby and sapphire in FireRed what will celio do with it?

He will put both gems in the network machine which when operational will allow you to trade between ruby, sapphire, emerald, colosseum and xd gale of darkness.

Could Celebi appear as part of the Berry Glitch in Ruby and sapphire?


What is a white ruby is it similar to red color ruby?

White Ruby is white Sapphire because red Ruby is a red Sapphire.

How many pokeballs do you need to catch Groudon in sapphire?

You can't catch groudon in sapphire only in ruby. To get him in sapphire you have to trade him from ruby to sapphire.

Should you get Pokemon emerald or ruby?

you really should get emerald cause Pokemon ruby and Sapphire are separate and emerald is those 2 put together so instead of getting ruby and getting groudon just get emerald and you can get groudon and kyroge and newer Pokemon

What happens after you get the ruby and sapphire on LeafGreen?

You cant have the ruby and sapphire at the same time because you have to give the ruby to celio in order to get islands 4-7 which is were you get the sapphire

What you have to do to play Pokemon ruby or sapphire version?

Buy them... Then put them into a gameboy advance or DS.

What do you do after you get the ruby and sapphire in firered?

After finding the Ruby and the Sapphire you can trade pokémon with those versions.

Why do you need the ruby and Sapphire gems in firered?

SO that you can trade with POKeMON sapphire and ruby.

What is better ruby or sapphire gem?

it depends on you if you want zangoose ,ruby,but if seviper, sapphire

What games can Pokemon LeafGreen trade with?

Ruby/Sapphire/Leaf Green/Fire Red/and i think Emerald. if not, trade from emerald to Ruby/Sapphire, and from ruby/sapphire to leaf green. You need to have the Sapphire and Ruby before you trade. you get these after the elite four.

Can you get a Ditto from gold on sapphire?

no, you cant trade gameboy advance games with ruby, sapphire, or any games that are after ruby and sapphire

Where do you get the ruby and sapphire in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Mt. Ember for the Ruby, and Sixth Isle for the Sapphire. Trade

How do you catch the sapphire and ruby on Pokemon firered?

sapphire in dotted hole. ruby in mt. ember.

How do you get the 6 tiles in Pokemon Sapphare and Ruby?

the tiles are not in ruby/sapphire they are in pearl/diamond the tiles are not in ruby/sapphire they are in pearl/diamond

How do you migerrate Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you put the game sapphire,ruby or emerald in slot2 on your ds

Is sapphire precious than ruby?

It's not precious at all, its just a game, not a ring. Sapphire and Ruby are almost the same, just with different Legendary pokemons. for example in Ruby is latios, in Sapphire is latias. i would recommend Emerald, because it is Sapphire and Ruby combined.