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Thermoplastics can be used for many things as it can be heated and reshaped. In high school we used to make cake slides and toy boats.

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What are the advantages of thermoplastics?

thermoplastics can be molded and remolded into different shapes

Describe how thermoplastics behave when heated?

Thermoplastics are softened by heating.

Can thermoplastics be recycled?

Yes, thermoplastics are actually most of the plastic that we recycle.

What is the melting point of thermoplastics?

The melting point of thermoplastics depends on the particular type of thermoplastics. The melting point varies from 160 Degrees Celsius to 350 Degrees Celsius for engineering thermoplastics. When it comes to high temperature thermoplastics, the melting point varies from 3593 to 4010 Degrees Celsius.

Can you recycle thermoplastics and thermosets?

Thermoplastics are the only ones that can be recycled. Thermosets cannot be recycled.

Who uses thermoplastics?

Kayaks can be made out of thermoplastics, a company called delta makes a bunch.

What plastics are thermoplastics?

plastics which melts on heating and can be reused by giving another shape are called thermoplastics...

Why are thermoplastics not used for making saucepan handles?

because they melt... read thermoplastics very slowly

Two types of thermoplastic?

thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics thermoplastics go soft when exposed to heat thermosetting plastics set (harden) when exposed to heat only thermoplastics are recyclable

What are names of some commonly used thermoplastics?

Acetal is a commonly used name for a family of thermoplastics. Its chemical name is PolyoxyMethylene.Another commonly used name for thermoplastics is Hotmelt.

What are thermoplastics and thermosets plastics?

Thermoplastics soften or melt when heated. Thermoset plastics harden or set when heated.

Are thermoplastics cheaps?


When do you need thermoplastics?

Thermoplastics are polymers that can be molded above a certain temperature. They are needed to manufacture such plastics as acrylic, nylon and polystyrene.

What do you use to bend thermoplastics?

You lol

How does hydrogen bonding affect thermoplastics?


What qualities do thermoplastics have?

different ones

What are uses of thermoplastics?

In thermoplastics, the process of softening by heating and hardening on cooling can be repeated again and again to soften the plastic to get different shapes.

Is thermoplastic where you can remold it?

Yes. Thermoplastics are "heat-softening". Provided that you don't heat them to the point of destruction, thermoplastics can be remoulded and reused easily.

What are 4 types of thermoplastics?

nose and bannanas

What are some examples of thermoplastics?

Polymers is a example of thermoplastics.Thermoplastics include Acrylic, Polyester and Nylon.Thermoplastic is a polymer material that can be molded and shaped once a certain temperature has been achieved.Types of objects made from thermoplastics are:Tubes; plastic chairs; light switch plates; ice cube trays; baseball helmets, spray bottles; dvd cases; legos.....etc..

What are the two main categories of plastics?

Thermoplastics and Thermosets

Who invented thermoplastics?

John Wesley Hyatt YOUR WELCOME

What are 2 common elements of thermoplastics?

Carbon and hydrogen

What plastic can be melted and reshaped when heated?

the answer would be thermoplasticsThermoplastics keep their plastic properties: They melt when heated, then... are easy to recycle since they can be melted and reshaped into other products.

What has the author James M Margolis written?

James M. Margolis has written: 'Decorating Plastics' 'Instrumentation for Thermoplastics Processing (Hanser Publishers)' 'Instrumentation for Thermoplastics Processing'

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