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Some of the departments that you can choose:

marketing and/or sales

marketing strategy

market research

corporate strategy

business development


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Q: What can you do with a degree in business management marketing and sales management?
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What is one difference between sales management and marketing management?

The major difference between sales management and marketing management is that sales management deals with closing the deal and marketing management deals with getting brand awareness out in the business sector so that the products are advertised.

What does a degree in marketing prepare for a career in?

A marketing degree prepares for a job as a marketing manager, sales manager, product manager and advertising manager. Areas include public relations, sales, brand management, advertising, or general management.

What is small business management software used for?

This software is used for sales. This software is used for marketing. Small business software can help you successfully track all of your sales and marketing information.

What has the author Robert J Calvin written?

Robert J. Calvin has written: 'Entrepreneurial Management' 'Sales management' -- subject(s): Verkooporganisatie, Sales management, Strategische planning, Personeelswerving, E-commerce 'Profitable sales management and marketing for growing businesses' -- subject(s): Management, Marketing, Sales management, Small business

What has the author Len Rogers written?

Len Rogers has written: 'Handbook of Sales and Marketing Management' 'The Barclays guide to marketing for the small business' -- subject(s): Management, Marketing, Small business 'Selling by Telephone'

What type of jobs can I get from an online business management degree?

An online business management degree combined with work experience can open up a variety of good-paying jobs. With an online business management degree you could work in sales, retail management, or administration of any business environment.

Is product management the same as product marketing?

No, they are not. Product marketing is the sales of a product. Product management includes marketing, production, manufacturing, distribution and sales.

What kind of degree is required for a Sales Support job?

When a degree is necessary, employers require different kinds of degrees depending on the type of sales. A degree in economics, management, mathematics, and marketing are all potentially qualifying degrees.

Which degrees would be beneficial for a job in Business Management?

If you are looking for a job in Business Management, you may want to look at getting a degree. Several options will help secure a job in this growing profession. Most companies look for individuals with degrees in Business Administration and Business Management. These degrees can help obtain positions in range of administration positions, HR, entry-level sales and marketing, sales manager, account manager, or operations manager, to name a few.

What has the author Michael T Bosworth written?

Michael T Bosworth has written: 'Customercentric selling' -- subject(s): Sales management, Selling, Marketing, OverDrive, Business, Nonfiction, Sales Management

What books offer business management courses?

A few book categories that offer business management information include: Human Resources and Personal Management; Management and Leadership; Business and Ethics; and Marketing and Sales. or your local library will have these books for you to buy/check out.

What college can provide sales management training?

DeVry College is an esteemed business school, but most colleges have a business degree. Berea College has a great business management program, that if taken in conjunction with some of the communications classes would provide an excellent sales management experience.