What can you get a rat for her birthday?

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You could get it a toy and/or a special treat.
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How do rats communicate?

Rats use a variety of vocalizations to communicate, as well as body posture. They make peeps, squeaks, chirps, and hisses, all of which mean different things in different contexts. An excellent website with examples you can listen to is here: http://www.ratbehavior.org/norway_rat_vocalizations.htm. ( Full Answer )

Will a rat hurt an injured rat?

This very much depends on the gender, and social situation.. Were these rats living together? If not, there is a high chance of the advantaged rat attacking, as this is highly likely to happen regardless of whether or not that rat is injured.. Two Male rats are far more aggressive towards each oth ( Full Answer )

Can you get your rat out?

\n. \n Pull down your skants then get your spaff ridden rat out flaps and all.

Do rats kill other rats?

Occasionally, with aggressively territorial male rats will fight with other rats, leading to injuries. These injuries are rarely fatal.

Do rats eat dead rats?

Yes, rats are scavengers. They will eat things that you would think are uneatable. Rats will eat almost anything. ------------------------------------------------ Answer Namely my pet iguana who I had for 7 seven years who was still a baby and had a perfectly unthreatened life until I ado ( Full Answer )

How many rats are rats able to have?

The average female Norway rat has four to six litters per year and may successfully wean 20 or more offspring annually. The average number of litters a female roof rat has per year depends on many factors, but generally is three to five with from five to eight young in each litter. For more infor ( Full Answer )

What are rats?

a rodent that resembles a large mouse, typically having a pointed snout and a long, sparsely haired tail. Some kinds have become cosmopolitan and are sometimes responsible for transmitting diseases. But pet rats are (mostly) kind and gentle creatures! They are lovable and very clean. If I were you, ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your rat has a cold?

Take it to the vet right away! Respiratory infections are very dangerous for rodents, because they're so tiny. A vet will prescribe antibiotics and answer any questions you might have. If your sick rat has trouble keeping warm, you can try putting a hot water bottle in with it, or put a heating p ( Full Answer )

What is a rat kangaroo?

The rat kangaroo is a sub-species of kangaroo, and quite different to the kangaroo rat of North America. Found only in Australia (with some species found in New Guinea), the rat kangaroo is a marsupial, not a rodent like the kangaroo rat.. There are several species of rat kangaroos, including the R ( Full Answer )

Are rats carnivores?

yes they are also scavengers! Rats and mice are both omnivores. Other animals that are omnivoresinclude squirrels, pigs, chipmunks, and bears. Additional animalsthat feed on both plants and animal products are hedgehogs,badgers, and some species of birds. Rats will eat anything edible, plant or anim ( Full Answer )

Do rats bite?

yes newtest3 Not always no, i have had many pet rats and have never been bitten

Why were the Rats of Tobruk called rats?

Because the renegade Lord Haw Haw of the Nazi propaganda said the Australians were rats hiding in their holes and the Australians said they were rats with very sharp teeth.

How does rat poison kill rats?

There are different classes of rat poison. One common type is the warfarin-class of poisons, which work to thin the blood. After consuming enough of the poison, the rat loses the ability to clot its blood and it basically bleeds to death. Another type is a neurologic poison, which causes the rat ( Full Answer )

Do pet rats have to be with other rats?

No, but they will definitely be happier if they are. My adult rat was about two years old when we first got her a cage mate. She was more active and gentler than ever before. If you only have one rat and don't handle it often, it becomes antisocial and very aggressive. If you don't play with it very ( Full Answer )

Why are rats called rats?

because the person who discoved rats named them rats There's no authoritative history for the origin of the word 'rat'; it's one of the Indo-European (or PIE: Proto-Indo-European) words, with similar versions in several languages. One suggestion: I think it came from this: One of the def ( Full Answer )

Do rats eat rats?

Rats are omnivorous creatures. Often if there is a dead rat near them, they will eat it to gain protein and other nutrients. In addition, they may also bite the ears of other rats in the same cage as them, though this is more of a stereotypical behaviour. Rat pups will also be eaten if there are for ( Full Answer )

What do you do if your rat is not nice with other rats?

Make sure that your rats are not just play-fighting. Many rats do this. They may scuffle and squeak from time to time, this is perfectly normal. They are establishing a pecking order. Only if you find bites or blood on either of the rats should you separate them. Also, ensure that you are i ( Full Answer )

How can you have a rat?

Dont get a rat unless you want it! DONT TORTURE AN ANIMAL!!!!!!!!! ESCPECALLY A RAT!!! And you have a rat, like any other small animal, exept for the fact that rats are much BETTER!!!! NEVER FORGET!!!

Can a rat and a pack rat mate?

There is no such thing as a "pack rat." It is a sterio type given to rats because of there burrowing nature. but roof rats and norways can mate. ANS2: Pack rats do, indeed, exist (see link) but they are not related closely enough to Norway rats to produce fertile offspring if they were to mate.

Are you a rat?

Unless you are a mammal with a tail, has poor eyesight, two ears at the top of your head, a keen sense of smell, and somehow knew how to type, then YES, you ARE a rat.

Are kangaroo rats mice or rats?

Neither. Like mice and rats, they are rodents, but they are only distantly related to mice and rats.

Who did experiment with rats where rat was shocked or rat received food?

Well not only one person uses rats for expirements. Tons of people do. Although I do know one story where rats were injected with crap from cocaine in their head and it changed their survival instincts. some coke was placed on an electric pad and they would shock themselves to death trying to get th ( Full Answer )

Do rats attract mice or rats?

Rats communicate in various ways, including scent marking using urine. So female rats will attract males. Also, a good home for rats will attract more rats.. Many people will say that if there are rats, there are seldom mice in the same place - which is true to a point - rats will eat mice.

How many rats in a rat king?

its hard to tell, sometimes its just too many to count. other times it could be only four

What can rats do to you?

Bite, lick, scratch, scare, endear, etc... About the same number ofthings dogs can do to you. Mine rarely bite and when they do it'sjust a little nibble. They never try and hurt you unless you scarethem or challenge them or something like that.

Is baby Rat a rat?

A baby rat is called a puppy or kitten, a female rat is called a doe, and a male rat is called a buck.

If your rat is depressed what do you do?

If your rat is depressed, to get him feeling happy and active again, you should get a playmate for your rat to play and visit with everyday. *IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure your rat and its playmate get along and don't fight, or it could lead to injury or death of your rat.

How do you save a rat from rat poison?

The reason why rat poison works so well is because rats cannot vomit, and such the poison cannot be expelled. My suggestion, if it is a pet rat, don't let it get near rat poison in the first place and make sure you have a vet who is willing to care for a rat, and give them a call. A little more... ( Full Answer )

What to feed your rat?

Grains, seeds, cereals, biscuits, some nuts, fresh veggies (avoid potatoe, tomatoes & advocado) & fresh cfruits (avoid all citruc fruits).

Do rats have placenta?

Yes, when rats are born they each come attached to their own placenta, which the mother then licks off and eats. There is one placenta for each baby rat, but if the mother rat doesn't expel the placenta it can rot inside her and make her sick even to the point of death. Baby rats are connected to th ( Full Answer )

Do rats have meat in them?

All mammals have meat in them. A rat does not contain much meat and one would be ill-advised to eat one but all mammals contain meat and rats are mammals. Answer: Although rats are eaten in almost all cultures in times of starvation, some types of rats are prized as food and preferentially eate ( Full Answer )

Can rats poop?

Yes, rats can poop. Every living thing that is not a plant can poop. Was this a totally random question? That's funny. I just typed in poop because I was bored. If this is your part of your homework, or other important thing, hope it helped :)

What does a rat do?

This depends on what type of rat you are referring to. Wild rats spend most of their time in sewers, their primary function is to reproduce, which is pretty much the same for most animals, they don't really 'do' anything specific. However, domestic or 'fancy' rats are genetically different and are b ( Full Answer )

Why did the rats get the radio in The Rats of NIMH?

In The Secret of NIMH, the rats are very intelligent as a result of human interference and experimentation. When they escaped, they were no longer satisfied to live the simple lives of rats. They wanted electricity, clothes to keep them warm, medicine, and education. Their reasons for wanting the ra ( Full Answer )

How do rat terrier hunt rats?

Grabing rats by the neck and shakeing there head left and right ... Breaking the rats spine in seconds

What to feed a newborn rat rat?

Feed a baby rat cat milk that you can get at the local vet or petstore. If it is over 5 weeks old feed the rat reguler rat food.

Is a baby rat a rat?

Ummm . . . yes, the baby rat is a rat, but maybe you mean what are they called . . . A baby rat is called a puppy or kitten, a female rat is called a doe, and a male rat is called a buck.

How can you get a rat?

There are lots of different rat traps available to catch them. Or you can go to a pet store and buy one if that is the kind you want!

Which rat is the nicest rat?

No rat is really "the nicest". it all depends on how much you play with them and toys in their cage. If you are looking to buy one, my personnal favorite is the fancy rat.

How many rats in a rat colony?

Well that depends on how good they are eating, drinking, and what they are living in. If they are eating crumbs or scraps on the floor or in corners and drinking from a dripping faucet or a leak in a fish tank and you have a large or medium sized house and/or yard then there could be hundreds and ev ( Full Answer )

Why does rat poison kill rats?

The poison Will get into their blood and clot it up that causes internal bleeding of the body witch causes the rat to explode.

What can you get from rats?

If you bought a healthy rat and keep it indoors as a pet, you can'tget anything from it. It's the same as owning a cat or a dog. I wasbitten by my pet rats a few times, came into contact with rat fecesand urine, and breathed dust with particles in it, and I havesuffered zero illness. Certain specie ( Full Answer )

Who raps rats on rats on rats?

you can rap rats on each other but, they would probably die and a dump or/and kind of smart person would do it ;) -Thanks for you question-

What can a rat do to you?

Wild rats can give you Leptospirosis (from their urine). If you expose your self to alot of rat urine over a long time i can increase your chances of lung cancer. Wild rats when cornered can kill children (if they have to). (wild & pets) can bite though your finger to the bone and can need stit ( Full Answer )

Why do you have rats?

Started off with two. because they are really miss under stood (from people who don't have them) & at the time i was having so many problems and felt like i could relate to them. a few months later I got another. They helped me though depression and alsorts. They died years later.... Got 3 ( Full Answer )

How can a rat be immune to rat bait?

They adapt and so many people put the stuff down the rats get used to it and it starts to have no effect on them. As they have an "immunity" to it.

Why rats are rats frightening?

Rats i guess are kinda weird to poeple you dont have to be afraid of them im afraid of spiders but oh well. there frigting because that just what were scared of. and thier more afraid of us than we are of them