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Tylenol cold and sinus, basically anything Tylenol makes for colds it is the only safe medicine when you are pregnant.

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Q: What can you take for a cough when you are pregnant?
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Can you take cough s yrup when im pregnant?

yes,you take cough syrap at pregency time,

What type of medication to take if you have a cough and your pregnant?

Molasses will soothe your throat and ease your cough.

Can you take cough med with codeine at 28wks pregnant?

no, u cannot

What can you take for a cold and cough when pregnant?

sudefed is the best thing to take and its completely safe for your unborn child!

Are Antibiotics for cough safe to take by pregnant women?

you need to talk to your doctor before taking anything.

What cough medicine can pregnant woman take?

No drug can be considered 100% safe to use during pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant when your sick with a cough?

Yes, you certainly can.

What is the treatment of cough in a pregnant women?


What is danger of chronic cough in pregnant women?


Is it safe to drink robitussin dm while pregnant?

I am 12 weeks Pregnant and i Have a bad cold, runny nose, cough, chest congestion, and a bad cough.. So I called my midwife and she told me 3 safe drugs to take for this cold while pregnant.. Robitussin DM Bendaryl and Claritin D

Can you take Allegra with cough medicine?

can u take musinex cough medicine with allegra

Is it ok that you took Robitussin DM while pregnant?

I had a severe cough and sore throat i called my Obgyn to see what was safe to take i am 6 months pregnant... He told me it was safe to take robitussin Dm & Tynenol cold and synus... I hope this helps i was worried sick i would have to suffer through the cough and sore throat...

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