What can you use a webcam for?

I could use it for capturing a still image only once every 30 seconds, while others provide streaming video by capturing 30 images per second. Or I capture a series of digital images that are transferred by the computer to a server and then displayed to the hosting page. There are even sites that allow users to upload and store their webcam images for free, which many individuals choose for personal use.
One use is security. You could set one up in your home and watch it from work. Another is a monitor. Aim one at your sleeping child and watch from another room to see when he wakes up. Another use is to check on your animals out in the barn. Another is to watch over your garden and see what animals are sneaking in to eat your lettuce. Another is to keep an eye on your kids when they are playing out back.
Another use is to be a webcam model, get paid to sit in front of your webcam and look pretty http://i.am/a.model for more info