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What can you use instead of Teflon tape to seal the joint between a 34-inch copper male threaded connector to a female 34-inch steel water filter connection?



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Not a good idea to connect Copper to Steel (Hopefully Galvanized (sp)) Many products are available. Check out any hardware store or home improvement center. (New Commentator) Rarely is Teflon tape a good idea. A fragment can and will break off, affecting something down the line.(valves,gauges,etc.) "Dope" is usually a better solution.(we are speaking of pipe dope here) What the earlier commentator what trying to get you to understand, is that when two metals meet, a battery is created. Steel and copper will interact with each other even on a low temperature(lower energy)line. Both materials will be affected,corroded, and your line will eventually clog,as it rots. Uniform materials might seem less expensive in the short term, but, in the long term, which depending on a number of variables, may only a few years, can cause a complete do over. (Very expensive) Prior commentator was hoping at least, you meant galvanized steel, because, the death of your pipes will be delayed a bit. If you can,change the female to copper. Just make sure the wall is thick enough. Try to use 'western' plumbing materials. There is a reason they cost more, and most of that reason is more uniform standards, better casts, threads that actually make a secure join, and try to stay away from the plastics. If you do the job right, you shouldn't have to do it again.