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What can you use to get ear wax out of your ear?

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Never use Q-tips; they push wax deeper into the ear and clog it, though most people's ears can process and break down this wax build up. Instead, use an ear wax softener, hot water, or see your ENT, who can "vacuum" out the wax.

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Is it better to use ear wax or ear plugs for swimming?

ear plugs, ear wax sticks

Are ear drops safe to use to remove ear wax?

Just use Q-Tips. But don't stick them too far in your ear- you could rupture your eardrum. And ear drops might help soften the ear wax, but they don't make the ear wax go away.

Why is some ear wax Black?

Black Ear Wax is usually old, built up ear wax. Fresh and new ear wax is a yellowish color.

Removing ear wax?

you use a cotton bud

How does the wax protect the ear?

If you take wax out of your ear then germs and other things can get in to your ear because when you had wax in your ear it had blocked all the germs out.

Why do you have both really dry ear wax that sticks to you ear like a scab but isn't and also wet wax at the same time that i can't get rid of becaouse i constantly have buildup of wax?

ear candles are fake, they have the wax in it before you use it source youtube - SEARCH EAR CANDLES TRUTH

How do you remove ear wax?

A Qptip. you could use either a cotton bud or even a ear wax remover found in your local chemist.

Can you put hydrogen peroxide in your ear?

yes you can use it to eat the wax out of your ear(s)

Is dry ear wax more dominant than wet ear wax?

on it not wet ear wax is the dominant one.

Where is the wax formed in a ear?

Ear wax is a normal product of the ear which protects the skin of the ear from water and infection. Ear wax is formed from wax glands in the external ear canal as well as other components such as dead skin, sweat, and oil.

What is the gland in your ear that produces ear wax?

ceruminous glands in the ear canalare the ones that prodcue ear wax.

Can you use peroxide to remove ear wax and is it safe?

yes, it is safe to use peroxide. but in my opinion i wouldn't use it if you have an ear infection.

Can persistent use of wax ear plugs cause ear problems?

If pieces of the wax break off and fall into the canal, surgery is needed to remove it. Yes it can.

Will your ears produce more ear wax to compensate for the ear wax that has been removed?

Not necessarily. Ear wax is produced naturally as a protective coating for the ear canal, and irritation of the canal can cause increased production. When excessive ear wax has been removed, if there is no irritation the production of ear wax should return to normal.

Why do you have wax in your ear?

we have ear wax to protect the inside of our ears from being damaged

Ear wax is an example of lipid?

Yes and no. Ear wax is 50% lipids

What glands secrete ear wax?

The cerumen gland secretes ear wax.

Where is ear wax made?

in your ear

Can you use ear wax remover if you had ear tubes?

No. Recent studies show over the counter ear wax softening agents can be harmful in people with tympanostomy tubes. If it is a large builup, see your doctor.

What are ear candles made of and how are they used?

Ear Candles are made of wax. They are used to drip into your ear, and clear them out. I don't know who would do that though, why not just use q tips, instead of hot wax.

Where does ear-wax come from?

Ear wax is secreted by ceruminous glands in the ears. The purpose of ear wax is to help conduct sound, and to keep the ear canal free of debris.

How can you get rid of ear wax?

use ear or eye dropper use baby oil and WARM olive oil they should help

What to use for a fever blister?


What use did vikings have for ear wax?

Use it for their boats to make a seal to protect it from water

What do you do to clear buildup wax from ear?

Go to a chemist and ask for wax removal or use cotton buds regulary

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