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Get a tray of sand and print your hand in that then pour the plaster of Paris on top of the sand print. Wait till dry then brush the sand off.

  • Try putting playdough (bought or home-made) into the bottom of a suitable size container lined with cling film, make the impression of your hand in the dough then pour in plaster of Paris. Allow to dry completely then remove from container (the cling film makes this easier), remove dough and 'voila'! Paint and/or varnish if desired.
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What can be used to keep plaster of Paris from sticking to aluminum foil pan to make a hand print?


How do you make a plaster of Paris mold of a hand?

Do not "stick your hand in a bucket of plaster of Paris" as someone previously suggested!Plaster of Paris can get really hot while setting and you would end up severely burning your hand...A slightly more sensible approach is to make a mould of your hand using something like clay or alginate and then use that mould to create a plaster of Paris duplicate of your hand...

What is fibrous plastering?

fibrous plastering is decorative plasterwork hand made in a workshop using 'plaster of paris'. A combination of plaster,timber and hessien are used to make cornice.what you get between the walls and ceiling of your house.

What is a hand cast called?

A hand cast is a plaster and fabric mould around a hand injury.

Will epoxy adhere to plaster of Paris?

yes, but it may change the color slightly. Thin with toluene or xylene preferably, if none on hand, acetone will work in a pinch. not more than 10%.

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What is an finger print?

a finger print is the circular print on the inside of your hand

Can you fill holes in plaster hand and feet sculptures with plaster and smooth it off or could this chip off in later years?

If you mix a bit of epoxy with the plaster and work quickly you will have a greater chance of it lasting.

How do you make plaster casts?

Here are 3 sites with instructions on how make casts, the first 2 are for simple hand, foot, ect., #3 is a little more involved:* Plaster Track Casting Procedure - Beartracker's Animal Track

Can you fly with plaster on your hand?

If you are asking whether you can travel by airplane with a plaster cast, the answer is yes. Plenty of people travel with broken limbs. If you're asking if you can fly without an airplane or other machine, the answer is no. Plaster does not make you float.

How do you dissolve plaster of Paris?

"I think vinegar is supposed to work.Lawren1The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (65th ed. Special:Booksources) lists plaster of Paris (calcium sulphate half-hydrate, CaS04.1/2H2O) as soluble in acid, ammonium salts, sodium thiosulphate (Na2S2O3) and glycerin."I am so surprised that so many people on so many forums, obviously don't have a clue about the chemistry of plaster of Paris. I read in so many places things like "uh, try some kind of acid..."So I have a lot of concentrated chemicals on hand and did lots of experiments with all kinds of acids, both dilute and concentrate, under many conditions and determined that none of my dozen or so acids dissolve Plaster of Paris in any way, but sometimes make it harder.The chemicals which dissolved plaster of Paris are on the basic end of the PH scale, not acid. I first had some success with potassium cyanide, but what really worked better than anything is Sodium Bicarbonate. Makes sense. The sodium in baking soda hooks up with sulfur in the plaster, and the carbon hooks up with the calcium in the plaster.TO BEST DISSOLVE PLASTER OF PARIS PLACE IT IN WARM WATER WITH LOTS OF BAKING SODA.Don't use any acids or it will only defeat the process.Now what really amazes me is that the answer is so simple and safe, and surely some people must know it, but it apparently cannot be found on the internet, until now.Or you can chisel it away because it is soft enough to do so.

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