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If your dog needs sedation to be groomed, you should make an appointment with your veterinarian to examine the underlying cause - is the grooming facility or handling by the grooming staff causing anxiety? Does your dog have separation anxiety? Does your dog have an underlying metabolic disturbance that is exacerbated by the stress of grooming? If the problem appears to be a learned behavioral problem (associated fear/anxiety/aggression), a veterinary behaviorist or certified dog trainer may be able to help. Be warned - retraining a dog to overcome the learned fear/aggression is a very long process and may take a year or longer. You will need to work with a veterinarian for grooming needs during this process - your veterinarian is not a groomer but he/she should be willing to trim down a dog's nails or hair coat under sedation when it is a temporary resolution.

Your dog should not be under chemical sedation without a veterinarian being on site at the grooming facility - a veterinarian needs to be available in case there is an unusual reaction or the sedation needs to be reversed.

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How can you safely sedate your dog for a 20 hour car ride?

Use a hydroxy benzaldehyde derivative to sedate your dog for a 20 hour ride. Vanillin should do the trick.

What can you use to safely sedate your dog?

A scheduled visit to a vet is the only thing I'd recommend for sedating a dog. This is not safe stuff to experiment and improvise with.

Information on dog grooming courses.?

We offer dog grooming courses and facilities which are second to none to ... offer all the latest information relating to Allbreed Dog Grooming and Dog Grooming

How do you sedate a dog for nail clip?

You should not need to sedate a dog for a nail clip but you can ask the animal hospital to do it if you seriously need it.

Does one need a dog grooming table in their home?

"No, one does not need a dog grooming table in their home. You might need one if you have a dog that needs constant grooming or if you wanted to start a dog grooming service."

Why are dog grooming classes important?

Dog grooming classes are important when learning to become a dog groomer because there are important and very necessary skills required to know before you begin your job, and if you don't know them, you can't be a dog groomer.

How much Xanax can you give a 36 pound dog to heavily sedate them for grooming?

You would NEVER give a dog Xanax for sedation. Human medications do not mix well with dogs or any animals & can cause death. Check with your Veterinarian about what sort of sedation to give your dog that would be safe.

Does petsmart offer dog grooming training?

I think does not give dog grooming training. They only sell dog grooming supplies. Try online dog store, they give out free training manuals when you subscribe to them.

How do you sedate a large dog for air travel?

take it to a vet

Can dramamine be used to calm a dog for grooming?

Only if you're willing to risk killing your dog for the sake of grooming it.

What career strand is dog grooming?

grooming ------- i call it services lol -BarbiPiXi

Are there pet grooming schools in the Boston area?

The Boston, MA area has several dog grooming schools. Barks and Whistles is an example of one such professional dog grooming school in the Boston.

Why does dog grooming exist in the world?

the dog grooming job exists in the world because then there will be no dog shows or anything like it for example, would you like to see a dirty un groomed dog at a dog show? Dog grooming exists for many different reasons. Grooming improves the health and overall wellbeing of the dog just like grooming any other creature, including ourselves. Grooming not only helps prevent skin and coat issues, many dogs are groomed to improve their appearance and comfort. Dogs may get groomed to better fit the jobs that they perform or just for show.

Why are you best for a dog grooming job?

I have been bitten before and i love Dogs and all creatures large and small.

An example of a Sentence using the word grooming?

Mary took her dog to a grooming parlour.

What companies offer dog grooming service in Nebraska? is a website to a dog groomer in your state. Murphy's Dog Grooming may also serve your needs as well.

Modern and Caring Dog Grooming Facilities?

If you have just gotten a dog, and you’re not familiar with how to handle dog grooming, you need to hire a dog groomer. Dog grooming is something that not every dog groomer does a good job of. Some dog groomers are just a lot better at it than others. Picking the right groomer can take some time, but it is something that must be done for the sake of your pet. There are many things you need to ponder when you must pick a perfect dog groomer for your pet. The most important thing to ask the dog groomer is how they treat the dogs they groom. Do they treat the dogs kindly when they are completing the dog grooming? You should stay with your dog during grooming to make sure the groomer treats him or her with the utmost care. If you have a very temperamental dog, you need to find a dog grooming place who can handle him or her. Not all dogs can be perfectly behaved when it comes down to grooming time, but there are good dog grooming facilities out there that will be able to handle your pet. One question that needs to be asked when you are talking to a dog groomer is if they groom all breeds of dogs. If you have a poodle, and the dog groomer only grooms English bulldogs, then you will not want to take your poodle to that groomer. Does the groomer you’re thinking about picking have any before and after pictures of the dogs that they have groomed before? It is helpful to view the pictures to see if the grooming facility actually does do a spectacular job of grooming pets. If you tend to work many hours per week, it may very well be helpful to pick a groomer who can groom your dog at your home. This will save you the time of having to take your dog to the groomer. Any modern dog groomer should be able to groom your dog in your home without any difficulties. You just need to find a facility that offers this grooming location option.

How do you sedate a dog to clip their nails?

Talk to your Vet about any appropriate sedatives.

How does pet grooming improve the health of your dog?

Pet grooming, while making your dog look more attractive, is also important for good health. Cleaning will make the dog more comfortable, removing excess hair and reducing itching. You will also be able to see if the dog has any sores or fleas and take care of those needs before they worsen.

Can you safely sedate your dog with benadryl before going to the groomers?

You really need to talk with your veterinarian and your groomer about this. In some dogs, Benadryl can have the side effect of causing drowsiness or sleepiness, but it isn't a true sedation; Benadryl is actually an anti-histamine that dampens down allergic reactions. Your veterinarian can talk with you about the different true sedations available (all of which require a veterinarian prescription, incidentally) as well as the potential problems with administering it to your dog. Your groomer needs to be in the conversation as well, particularly if the grooming site does not have a veterinary clinic on site or at hand to deal with any potential side effects (such as a bad slide from sedated to aware). A better long-term option is to work with your dog and a professional trainer who has experience desensitizing dogs to acclimate your dog to the grooming location and process. You may also want to check out a different groomer and see if your dog has as bad a time there as he did at the last place.

Where can one purchase dog grooming clippers?

Dog Grooming clippers can be purchased at mass merchandisers such as Walmart, Kmart, or Target. To receive the highest quality of dog grooming clippers one would purchase from pet supplies shops such as Pet Supplies Plus, PetSmart, or Petco.

Essential Pet Grooming?

Pet grooming is an extremely important aspect of owning a dog. Pet grooming is mandatory for some dog breeds and if the owner does not groom the pet, the dog will develop various ailments that can complicate its health. Before you purchase a dog, make sure that the particular breed does not require extensive grooming, as extensive grooming can be extremely expensive and time-consuming for the owner. Dogs such as the Poodle require lots of pet grooming because they have a long and beautiful coat of hair. Unfortunately this long and beautiful coat of hair can cause problems if not maintained by the owner. These problems include such things as painful knots that develop in the hair, lice and fleas. If a dog does not undergo the proper pet grooming, knots will develop in the dog’s hair resulting in pain. The knots will develop in a dog’s hair and will pull the skin, causing the dog an immense amount of pain every time it moves. Another problem that a dog can suffer from if not properly groomed is the infestation of lice and fleas. Routine pet grooming removes lice and fleas because shampoo is rubbed through the dogs hair, killing any bugs that are infesting the dog. Without the proper pet grooming, these lice and fleas are able to reproduce and infect the hair on the dog. If the lice and fleas are not removed by the owner during a pet grooming procedure, then the lice and fleas can spread into the owner’s home or even to the owner himself. Once the lice and fleas have spread to the owner or the owner’s home they can be almost impossible to remove. Pet grooming is a necessity if you have a dog that has long hair or sheds frequently. If you do not have your pet groomed than the dog can suffer from various knots in the hair and can be infested with dangerous and disgusting bugs. Before you purchase a dog make sure you have enough money to spend on pet grooming services for your dog. If you do not have enough money to purchase pet grooming services than you should consider a dog that does not have long hair.

What can you use to sedate your dog?

At home, there is nothing you should give your dog to try to sedate him - dogs react very differently to human medications and drugs (including alcohol) and you could easily give him a toxic or lethal dose. Veterinarians have access to several different methods to sedate animals, most of which are controlled substance drugs that are regulated by the DEA.

What can you use to safely sedate your dog before flying?

Your Vet can give you several medications that are not too expensive to calm your dog. We use Clomacalm for our dogs whenever there is going to be fireworks as they go nuts when they start exploding. The effects last about 12 hours and just makes then docile and sleepy. Do not try to give your pet human sedation as it is very easy to harm animals with human meds.

Should you clip around the eye of dog when grooming?