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We are not doctors or psychiatrists on this site so it's best you talk your friend into going for a complete physical. High stress alone can cause these symptoms, but you want to be sure she doesn't have a heart problem or some other disease. Good luck

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Can you give me a sentence using sensitive?

She suffered from sensitive teeth.

What is the external conflict in the book a child called it?

"It" describes from his viewpoint about the severe abuse he suffered as a child. He writes how his mother was physically and emotionally abused him

Are horses intelligent?

horses are extremly intelligent especially when they are sensitive which most horses are unless they have suffered rough handling, this can be cured by being gentle to your horse

What can I do to help my girlfriend show affection after having suffered from an emotionally abusive father?

Try to get her to seek counseling. She might need some time to sort out everything that happened in her life. In the meantime, just show her love.

What kind of care do you have to have after having a miscarriage?

As long as the bleeding is settling there is no specific physical care needed after a miscarriage though you may feel emotionally fragile for quite a while as you have suffered a bereavement after all. Take care of yourself.

Can you file for disability of you have suffered the crippling effects of religion as a Mormon?

No, disability is for those who are unable to work due to physical problems. Joining and staying with a religion that you did not believe in and that you felt was harming you emotionally is not a physical disability that prevents you from caring for yourself.

What confederate leader was blind in one eye?

Jefferson Davis, leader of the Confederacy, had several physical afflictions. He had an overly sensitive nervous system, was blind in one eye and suffered from a disease called Neuralgia.

I have suffered from a funny sensation no pain around my ankle for years and no one can tell me what is causing it. It only comes on when I sit or lay in bed keeping me awake and very distressed?

Im not sure on the spelling but it sounds like nuropothy.

Did Italy suffered?

yes they really suffered.

What is a noun sentence for suffered?

I suffered abuse.

What is the Spanish word for suffered?

suffered = sufrido

How do you use suffered in a sentence?

I have several sentences for you.He has suffered with that disease.I hate the fact that you have suffered so much in your lifetime.We suffered a change of management at work.

Was it just the Jews who suffered in the holocaust?

everybody suffered.

Why was King Henry VIII bad to his wives?

Partly because he was a spoilt and horrible man, but also because he was sensitive about not having a son in the early part of his life. Later, he suffered from many illness that brought on dark moods.

How many syllables are in the word suffered?

Suffered has two syllables.

Who suffered from apartheid?

the blacks suffered the most,being the majority and discriminated.

Is suffered a verb?

if you are referring to "I have suffered long enough" - yes, it is a verb.

What state suffered from lawlessness?

What do you mean suffered?? Lawlessness is a good thing

Who suffered more the Merchant or the farmers suffered from separation from great Britain?


What is a sentence for suffered?

She suffered during the Civil War with all of the death that was going on.

Which world region has suffered the most from AIDS epidemic?

Africa has suffered the most

What part of speech is suffered?

Suffered is a verb. It's the past tense of suffer.

What group suffered 6 million deaths during ww2?

the Jewish people suffered.

Who suffered the most during the era of European exploration?

The Native Americans suffered the most.

Which religious group suffered the most under the third Reich?

The Jews suffered the most.