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Pioneer's amplifiers are one of the most durable.

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Q: What car amplifiers are the most durable?
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Do any car amplifiers mount in the dash?

There are some car amplifiers that mount in the dash. Car amplifiers can be mount in the trunk, under the seat...

Does infinity make good car amplifiers?

Yes, infinity makes good car amplifiers.

How loud are car amplifiers?

Car amplifiers can be as loud as those which have more than 1000 watt power. The Loudest TL-1021 series from WIKIO are some of the loud car amplifiers. Audio Assault also comes out with car amplifiers of 1000 W.

Which paint color is most durable for a car?

I think it depends more on the technique used to paint a car than the color that makes it more durable.

What is the normal decibal for car amplifiers?

Around 130 or 140 is normal for most everyday amplifiers. But stereos in car shows and competitions can gain up to 180 db. This is usually done with very expensive equipment.

What are the most used instrument amplifiers?

The most used instrument amplifiers are also some of the most popular amplifiers namely Marshall, Crate and Fox amplifiers. The impedance of these amplifiers does not need to match making it perfect for instrument use.

Where can one buy car audio amplifiers?

There are many retailers where one can purchase car audio amplifiers. Edmunds, Best Buy, Amazon, Crutchfield and eBay all sell car audio amplifiers for people to purchase.

What car paint finish is most durable?

fint it in the dictionary or on the internet

what is the most durable brand of RC car?

BRP 1/18 scale Mini RC Racers is the most durable brand of RC Car. They last for years even if you use them allot.

How much do car amplifiers cost?

The cost of car amplifiers is going to vary based on a number of things such as the brand, the car it will be going in, and what amplifier level is needed.

What kinds of car amplifiers will work with my system?

Most modern car amplifiers are versatile enough to work with nearly any type of existing setup. Most resellers offer kits with adapters and mounting hardware to allow for installation in any vehicle type.

What all do you need to put more bass into a car?

Amplifiers and better speakers. But amplifiers are a must.

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