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(Please note, some of these companies are only a certain percentage owned by FIAT, but all of them are atleast 50%)

Fiat owns:

- Fiat

- Ferrari

- Alfa Romeo

- Maserati

- Lancia

- Zastava

- Zastava Trucks

- Iveco

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Q: What car companies does Fiat own?
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Where does Fiat rank in car companies of the world?

in 30

What are three major car companies in Italy?

Fiat, Ferrari, and Lamborghini are three major car companies in Italy.

What other car companies does Chrysler own?

Chrysler LLC does not even own all of Chrysler and for sure no other company. Fiat owns 55.8% of Chrysler.

Who owns Fiat the car companys?

Fiat is still Fiat and also owns or has major shares in many other car and truck companies including Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Chrysler.

What is Italy's biggest car make?

fiat because they own ferreia

Is Fiat a German Car?

No. Fiat is an Italian car.

What car does jay-z own?

Fiat 500 convertable with a red roof

From where can one purchase a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo?

One can purchase a Fiat Coupe 20V Turbo in the official Fiat company store or website. In addition, used car companies might sell this specific model of Fiat.

Does Fiat on Ferrari?

No the connection that Fiat has with Ferrari is both companies used Battisa Pinin Farina to design cars for them. Pinin Farina was employed by many car makers.

Where can one find information of Fiat car insurance?

Fiat car insurance can be found by contacting your insurance agent. If one does not have presently have car insurance, information can be obtained from State Farm, Progressive, Liberty Mutual and many other insurance companies.

Who is the owner of Fiat?

Ferrari own Fiat.

Change this into passive voice he has bought a Fiat car?

A Fiat car has been bought. You can add the agent (him) if you want. -- A Fiat car has been bought by him.

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