What car is most like a Volvo station wagon?

Updated: 8/21/2019
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You'd be thinking of a Volvo station wagon.

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Q: What car is most like a Volvo station wagon?
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Can you sleep in a 240 wagon?

Yes! Volvo station wagon's are actually one of the better of the station wagons to sleep in. The back cargo area is very well designed to lie perfectly flat, and the cargo area is wider than average for many cars in this range. I have slept in many a different station wagon while road tripping, and Volvo's (especially the 240 series) have been the most comfortable. Perfect car for camping and road tripping!

In what time period was the station wagon more popular as a vehicle?

The era in which the station wagon was most popular can be remember during the late 1960's and through out the 1970's. They were a good family vehicle.

Honda Accord Station Wagon automatic transmission will not shift down?

There are several things that can cause your Honda Accord station wagon automatic transmission not to shift down. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

What is the current most popular station wagon in the US?

Subaru Outback is historically the best selling station wagon in the US. They are top rated for safety, reliability and performance. They feature All Wheel or 4 Wheel drive. Subaru's last a long time.

Is Plymouth satellite station wagon 1968 an antique car?

Yes in most states 20yo makes her an antique/classic I like to see old cars still around I had a 1973 coronet wagon until i sold it last year got $1200 but I miss her badly cool ride

How much is a 1996 Ford Taurus gl wagon worth?

it is $290. it was the worst ford station wagon in the human history. The 1995 fordescort station wagon is worth $900-1500. It is wonderful for families who are havingtrouble looking for a station wagon,who is having money trouble. I had one when I was16 years old. I had the car since I was 23. I still have the car. i have been fixing it up.Kelly Blue BookIs one of the most widely used sources of finding out used car values.See "Related Links" below

How long would it take to get from St. Louis Missouri to Santa Fe New Mexico in a wagon?

A station wagon would make it in about 15 and 1/2 hours. A covered wagon would make at most 20 miles a day, which would take 50 days.

How successful was the Willys Jeep Truck?

The Willys Jeep Station Wagon, introduced in 1946 by Willys Overland Motors is the first mass market all steal station wagon designed and built as a passenger vehicle and is arguably the world's first popular sport utility vehicle or SUV. The steel body was efficienty to mass-priduce, as easy to maintain and safer than the real wood-bodied station wagon versions at the time which is the most succesful fo Willys Jeep Truck.

What are some of the most popular Plymouth cars?

The Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant are two of the most popular Plymouth car models. Other popular Plymouths were the 4-door Sedan and the Station Wagon.

Where you can get the ignition switch for ford escort station wagon 1993?

Most major parts houses would have the ignition switch. Any year between 1991 and 1996 will fit it.

Where is the horn located on a 97 ford escort station wagon?

Most ford escort horns were located somewhere behind the front bumper, usually on the right-hand side.

What are some of the best station wagon cars?

The U.S. News website has recently conducted a review of numerous station wagons to find some of the most highly rated. The ratings covered Critics' Ratings, overall performance, interior, safety and reliability. Some of the top rated station wagons included the Acura TSX Sports Wagon, the Toyota Prius V and the Subaru Outback. Further information can be found on the U.S. News website.