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There was a certain species of flea that preyed on rats. The fleas carried the Bubonic Plague virus. The fleas transmitted it to the rats they fed on. The rats then transferred it to humans, and the rats were blamed.

Flea in-fested rats.

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Q: What carried the Black Death?
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Who carried the black death to Europe?

No one did it was rats that carried black death (plague)

What insect carried the black death?

in the famine black rats and other rats carried black death

Where comes from the black death?

the black death was carried by fleas that were on rats and the rats were on boats and they were carried over

How caryd the black death?

Fleas on the backs of rats carried the black death.

How the black death was carried?

it was carried by rats which caught the disease from parasites

Why was black death contagious?

Was carried by fleas.

Where did the rats carry the plague of black death?

The rats carried flees in their fur during the black death

What disease carried by fleas and rats?

The rats and fleas carried the black death ** Correction... Rat fleas carried the Bubonic Plague. There is still speculation as to whether the black death was actually bubonic plague as there are very many differences between the pandemics. One theory is that the black death was actually Ebola.

Where and how did the rats get the black death?

It was carried by the fleas that lived on the rats.

What are some black death facts?

The black death was carried by the oriental rat flea which then was past onto the rats then humans

Why did the Black Death not hit some places?

It's because the rats that carried the fleas that carried the disease did not get to that place, because the rats that carried the Black Death rode on trading ships, and people did not trade with people from everywhere, but only in certain places.

Where did the fleas that caused the black death come from?

Rattus rattus They were carried by the wild Black Rat.

How was the flea get in contact with the black death bacteria?

The flea was a parasite on a black rat which carried the disease

How is the black death plague spread?

By fleas which were carried around by rats.

How did the black death reach Europe from Asia?

people carried the disease with them.

When the black death spread to Europe it resulted in contact with what?

Black Death was spread by traders and Mongol armies. It came to Europe via silk road.

How was the European Black Death Conquered?

The introduction of millions of cats killed the rats that carried the fleas that carried the plague.

The black death spread to Europe as a result of what?

black death spread to Europe. Due to trades and Mongol attacks. It spread via silk road.

What are the reasons why the Black Death occurred?

The black death was a disease that was carried by fleas. The fleas bit the humans and, therefore, the humans became infected.

What type of flea carried the Black Death?

The flea associated with the Black Death is the Oriental rat flea. There is a link below to an article on this flea.

How was the Black Death spreading?

Because the English weren't very clean with disposal, a rat infestation occurred. These rats carried the black death.

What caused the illness of the black death?

The Black Death or bubonic plague was caused by an epidemic of Yersinia pestis, a bacteria carried by rat fleas.

Did rats carry the black death plague?

Rats carried the flea that carried the plague that bit the human that contracted the black death. The bite of a rat flea ( Xenopsylla cheopis) caused the spread of bubonic plague.

what was it called when fleas carried by rat were killing Europeans?

Bubonic Plague/Black death/black plague

What insect did the black death use to spread the contagious disease?

It was spread by fleas carried by Black rats.