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Seminal fluid.

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Q: What carries sperms out of the body?
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Is sperms ends from the body?


What is the function of the style in the flower?

Through style pollen tube carries sperms towards ovule .

Why are sperms so important?

Sperms are like part of your body muscle. As you realise if you masturbate or others.etc and you waste your sperms your stamina will decrease and your body parts will start to feel weak... Don't worry just do regular exercise to strength your body and as time passes for like 3 to 4 days some of your sperms will regenerate. Hope this helps... :)

Why do you have to stick a man's pee-pee in your body to fertilize yourself for having a baby?

Then the male can transfer sperms to your body through ejaculation. And one of these sperms will meet an ovum in your body, fertilize it and become a baby.

How many days body takes to sperms formation?


What happens if too much sperms are produced?

They are reabsorbed by the body.

Why do your testicles rise?

To keep the sperms at a healthy temperature. When they are too cold they go up inside the body but the body temperature is generally too warm for the sperms and that is why they hang in a scrotum.

What carries nutrients to the body's cells?

Blood carries nutrients to the body's cells.

What thing in the blood carries glucose from the small intestine to the rest of the body?

which part of the body carries glucose round the body? which part of the body carries glucose round the body? Die potato.

What carries oxygen to your cell?

The blood carries oxygen around your body and to the body's cells.

What carries oxygen to your body?

The air carries oxygen to your body when it is inhaled into your lungs.The blood carries oxygen through you body to the vcells that use it as part of their metabolism.

How do the sperms from the male body travels and fuses with the egg of the female body?

The male and female will have to get married.

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