What caste is marathi surname patole?

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what cast & kuli is marathi surname patole ? plz
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About teli caste under marathi languauge?

Teli caste is a community of oil pressers found in a number of states, including Maharastra. They are generally considered to be of the Vaishya varna, but many also classify them as Shudra.

What caste is Pal surname Bengal?

Pal Sername of cast Gaderia may be Neekhar and Dhangar Baghela in up and Hariyana, Rewari Gureya Gaderia Holkar in Rajsthan.

Is the Pal surname in the scheduled caste?

In old days people were known by their profession, village, habits, something unique to the group, hence it became part of their names which we call as Surname today. The surname Pal came from a village names Pel which was at one time near Pakistan and India border. Those villages don't exist anym ( Full Answer )

What caste is surname sarma?

Sarma caste is commonly used by the andhra people. It is lower caste and goverment have alloted caste certificate to those peoples who belongs to this caste . It has no relation with the reputed caste all over india name "SHARMA". It is like that if you go to market for buying Reebok shoes, may be y ( Full Answer )

Is sarkar surname is schedule caste?

No.Sarkar Surname Is Not.They Are A Sub Section Of KshatriyaThakurs From The Bengal Province(Modern-day Indian state of WestBengal & Bangladesh).

Which caste does surname Bathula belongs to?

The Surname "BATTULA" or BATHULA has it traces all arround theworld.From South India,State of Andhra Pradesh to Africa.ThisSurname is spread in all Caste's of the south Indian state ofAndhra Pradesh.Pre-Dominantly form the Caste "KAPU" to some othercastes.The Origin of the word is from the word "Bat ( Full Answer )

Which caste surname bhadra belongs?

It varies.....they may belongs to from OBC to higher caste like Kayastha(Second to Brahmin).It will be better to determine from person to person perspective.

Shetty surname belongs to which caste?

Shetty belongs to Bunt caste (Kshatriya/Brahmins caste). Thesurname originates from coastal Karnataka in India. The word'Bunt', means Strong man or solider; the word 'Shetty' means headof a mercantile in Sanskrit.

Which caste does the surname 'Mandal' belongs to?

The surname 'Mandal' have castes like Kshatriya, Kayastas, different divisions in it having gotras like Shadilya, Kashyap, Madhuguliya, etc. Some other castes are: . Sadgope Kshatriya . Poundra Kshatriya . Ugrah Kshatriya . Rajvanshi Kshatriya However, in Bengal this surname is present in ( Full Answer )

What caste is surname chopra?

ChakravalChaupads;i.e. the clan who mastered in the art of playing chaupad ;as displayed by Shakuni during Mahabharat have been described as CHOPRAS.They were well linked with YARKAND

Which cast for torane surname?

thi ssurname belongs to bhawsar cast who mainly reside in north and central maharahtra and whose occupation was to dye cloths

What is best caste marathi or kamma?

Both are different castes from different states,one is from Andhra Pradesh and another is from Maharashtra.Both are dominant in their states related to power and wealth and social status.no question of comparison for non related communities from different places.

Where does the surname 'Cast' come from?

First found in Cambridgeshire, England, where they'd held a family seat from well before the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD, it carries the meaning of "A maker of boxes, or chests".

Which caste is Palla surname?

it is Yadavas surname. because mine is also the same. kanthisree a definitely.. Palla is surname of yadavas with subcaste: Karna golla. Palla comes under Raagendrulu gothram. Palla, Majjiga, Erukula, Boda, Sallanga groups come under Raagendrulu gothram. We can see these people in Anantapur ( Full Answer )

Which caste use surname chand?

Chand is a jatt surname. Also, in West Bengal there are variants ofChand (Chand,Chanda,Chandra) they all are Kayastha.

Is vishwaroop a marathi bhumihar brahmin surname?

all bhumihar se request hain ki har jagah apna jaat bakhaan kare ,logh bevkuf nahin hain sablogh search karte aap logo ki ish harkat se bihar ke logo ko sarminda hona par raha hain ish iye apne aap ko brhmin khana bandh kar de kyon humlogo se bhi pocha jata hain humlogh mana kar dete hain bhumihar b ( Full Answer )

What is the caste of surname sunkara?

Sunkara has both Kapu(Naidu) and Kamma. I have kapu guys with surname Sunkara in Tenali. Example: Sunkara Satish Kumar, Ex president of Mega fans in Tenali Division.

What Caste is shirsat surname in Goa?

Shirsat / Sirsat belongs to Vaishya Vani Caste, which streches from Goa, Maharashta and Border areas of Karnataka. Shirsath belong to SC caste

What caste is marathi surname Dudam?

Dudam is a Telegu surname belonging to the Padmashali community, Their gotra (family lineage) is Bharadwaja that is one of the most exalted gotras of Brahmin caste.

Which caste does the murthy surname belong to?

Murthy is a surname originating from the Indian state of Karnataka.It is found amongst Hindus (usually Brahmins). Variations of thisname/surname is also found in the neighbouring states.

Is Dongre a Marathi brahmin surname?

Yes, Dongre is a Kokanastha (Chitpavan) Brahmin name. It was the last name of Pandita Ramabai, the famous social reformer.

What caste does the people of marathi surname dhakoo belongs?

Dhakoo is a name from Karnataka that probably migrated to Maharastra. It is from the Gowda/Kuruba community (known as Dhangars in Maharashtra), a cattle herding caste. They claim Maratha (Kshatriya) origin, but are likely Shudras.

Is surname gawde lowe cast?

No ... Not at all.. Gawde is a Marathi surname, It is spelled as 'गावडे' in Marathi and some people spell as Gawade or Gavade or Gavde in English. This surname is common in the state of Maharashtra in India. Spoken language is 'Marathi'. Language differs or changes area or r ( Full Answer )

What caste does the surname ranade belong?

Ranade is a Kokanastha (Chitpavan) Brahmin surname. Ranades originate from the village of Asud in the Dapoli taluka of the Ratnagiri district. It is an old and illustrious surname.

Which caste is mandrekar surname?

Mandrekars are from Mandrem village in north GOA and areessentially Hindu, Gawd Saraswat Bramhins (GSB)

What caste is Dabee surname?

"Dabee" our "Dabi" is the sub tribe of "Galo" or "Galong" which belongs from the western valley of river Siang (District West Siang) in Arunachal Pradesh.

What is the caste of surname Palaparty or Palaparthy?

Vaidiki Brahmin's, telugu speaking Smartha Brahmins. They are predominantly followers of Holiness Adi Shankaracharya. The term Vaidika derives itself from the term Vedas. Vaideeka Brahmin's are mostly found in Andhra Pradesh.

What caste is marathi surname nandaniker?

It is a Digambar Jain surname of the Chaturth community. Since Jain, there is no direct caste link, but the name "Chaturth" is derived from "Kshatriya", so warrior lineage can be assumed.

What caste are sanger surname?

Dear viewers, Sangar is Rajput Cast Butt they are not devloped there education. So in this cast Bhatti, Vaghela, Chavada, Chauhan, Galanga , Berya, Sakariya , Jethara, Bhaddhu, Payen, Dha man Bhatti

Which caste does the surname 'Rokade' belongs to?

ROKADE surname belongs coastal part of (North karnataka),Mangalore,Belguam, and Maharashtra. The community is Vysya Vani - Hindu. These people speak Konkani and Marathi. By Vishnu prasad Rokade.Journalist.

What cast does thukral surname belong?

Thukral or "Thakraal"(as said in Punjabi ) is a subcaste ofPunjabi(same as hindu) Khatri group ( & not Arora Punjabi asconsidered by many others )

Is maity surname schedule caste?

Well, I am myself Maity - have never seen any Maity as scheduledcaste. I went to Kolkata - Village to check the same and found webelong to Open caste (especially called as Mahishya caste) and mostof us belong to sandilya gotra. So to conclude - Maity is not a schedule caste and neither OBC(Other Bac ( Full Answer )