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You may have discovered a Black and White "Dancing" caterpillar, but without an actual photo comparison it is hard to tell. There are thousands of different caterpillars with brightly colored spots, spikes, and fur.ÊÊ

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What kind of snake is black and has tan markings?

A common garter snake has tan stripes on a black body. The pattern of body can vary between individual snakes, but usually it has narrow stripes down the middle of the back & a broad stripe on its either sides.... In between the centre & stripes , has black spots..

What caterpillar is black with two yellow stripes down the sides?

Caterpillars are tough to ID without pictures. See the link below.

What is Mexico's shirt color?

Green (home) or black (visitor) with red, and white stripes at the sides. See related links for some shots on the uniform.

What is the difference of a tuxedo and a suit?

a suit is just well um i cant tell you what a suit is but i know what a tuxedo is a tuxedo is the same as a suit except a tuxedo has black stripes going down the sides of both legs a suit does not have stripes

what- a barber pole has two parallel sides with diagonal red and white stripes inside?


What shape is the tallith?

The tallith is a large square or rectangle of wool, white with a few black stripes near the edges on two sides. It's worn over the shoulders. Some wear smaller talliths, or have blue stripes, but the above description is traditional.

Do baby ladybugs have stripes?

No, baby ladybugs do not have stripes. The insect in question's (Coccinellidae family) hatchlings leave fertile eggs as black, crocodile-like, tiny larvae. Bright orange splotches relieve the middle part of the upper sides of larval bodies.

Are female skunks the only ones with white stripes down their sides?


What are the colors of a northern garter snake?

Are you referring to the subspecies "Northern Ribbon Snake"? If so, they are either black or brown and have three bright yellow or white stripes their back and sides.

What kind of spider has orange and black stripes and is shaped like a black widow?

A male black widow has orange and black stripes. Heres my description of black widows. This is about both male and female black widow spiders. It is shiny and coal black in colour. The female averages 8-10 mm's in length and has long slender legs and a round abdomen. Usually on the underside of the female's abdomen is a red hourglass mark and one or two red spots over the spinnerets and along the middle of her back. The male is 3-4 mm's long with an elongated abdomen. The male's legs are larger then the females and each joint is orange brown and black on the ends. On the sides of the male's abdomen there are 4 pairs of red and white stripes. Young black widows are orange, brown and white. They acquire their black clothing with age.

What are clown fish?

It is the fish from the movie "Finding Nemo," it's the Orange fish with the white stripes going down the sides of its body. Almost wrapped in white stripes with smaller fins.

How many sides does a black hole have?

They are spherical so they don't have any sides.

What does a red eared slider turtle look like?

yellow and green stripes an legs, tail, and head. with red stripes along both sides of its head. These guys really need water to swim in 24/7

What do the colors on the Canada flag?

The colors on the flag are red and white. The maple leaf is read and so are the stripes on the sides. The backround is white

Why is it important that a model for sea floor spreading has identical patterns of stripes on both sides of the center slit?

i have no idea ill find out

You have noticed a black spot on both sides of your tongue What is this?

i also have black spots on either sides of my tongue... but didnt gather information abt it much.... ! but i am healthy...

What bird has a black head white chest rust sides and black wings?


Is it true red bellied black snakes have a red stripe on their sides only not underneath?

No. The red-bellied black snake is essentially black on its top and sides. Its belly is a pinkish-red colour, brighter on the edges of the belly. It does not have a red stripe on its sides.For a photograph of the red bellied black snake, click on the related link.

What flag has thick green vertical stripes on the sides white in the middle and a green five pointed star that isn't completely filled in green?

== ==

What does the Canadian flags look like?

The Canadian Flag has a white base and two red stripes on the sides. In the middle there is a red maple leaf.

Which polygons are on the US flag?

The 5-point stars have 10 sides, so they would be decagons. The blue field and also the stripes are rectangles.

What does the Canada Flag have?

Everyone should know this by then. It has two red stripes on both sides, and a red maple leaf on the middle. Why don't you know this?

What color is a marker that indicates safe water on all sides?

These are white with red vertical stripes and indicate unobstructed water on all sides. They mark mid-channels or fairways and may be passed on either side.

What are sides in chess?

If you mean sides as in the players, they are simply "White" and "Black". White always moves first then Black moves. If you means sides as on the chessboard itself, they are called "files" as are all the vertical lines of squares on the board.

Is it true that the pattern of magnetic stripes are different on both sides of the mid-ocean ridge?

No. The magnetic stripes found on one side, which are detected and mapped with the aid of a magnetometer, are considered to be a mirror image of the magnetic stripe pattern of the other side.

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