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The baseline on the EKG strip is considered to be the

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What does an artificial pacemaker look like on an EKG?

wandering baseline

What causes wandering baseline on a ekg?

Sweat and lotion on the patients skin

Sweat and lotion on the patient's skin can interfere with the signal going to the EKG machine causing what?

wandering baseline

When an electrocardiogram shows a wandering baseline the cause of this artifact might be?

AC interference

What does a P wave record on an EKG?

The P wave represents atrial depolarization (they contract). In a normal EKG, the P-wave precedes the QRS complex. It looks like a small bump upwards from the baseline.

What does EKG result low voltage mean?

A low voltage EKG means the amplitude of the QRS waves on the EKG are lower than would be expected. COPD, obesity, and pericardial effusions can cause low EKG voltages, amongst other causes.

Can an EKG detect a murmur?

A murmur is heard by a clinician through a stethoscope and cannot be detected on EKG. However, an EKG reading may occasionally suggest a possible cause for the murmur. Most likely your clinician will be able to determine the cause of the murmur based on clinical grounds, or with the aid of an echocardiogram.

What is nomad thought?

It's a wandering thought from no apparent cause.

When do you standardize an EKG?

before and after you run EKG

Why was the Straight Baseline method used to emphasize the Philippine territory?

cause the gravity if the earth

What is the name of EKG tracing?

EKG stands for electrocardiogram.

What is meant a borderline EKG?

What does borderline mean on a EKG?

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