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Selena Gomez stepped in and dating Taylor Launther and broken up with him and started to date Nick then broken up with him now shes dating Joe Jonas,shes gonna break up with him too i guess maybe.

And Miley Cyrus was caught kissing a 39 years old,so Nick saw it and said where totally through!!

SHE'S 17 YEARS OLD IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2009-12-05 16:42:07
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Q: What cause Nick Jonas leave Miley Cyrus?
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Who did Joe Jonas left mylie Cyrus for?

Joe Jonas never went out with Miley Cyrus, That was Nick Jonas and he didnt leave her for anyone.

Did Nick Jonas leave Miley Cyrus for Selena Gomez?

Yes.Nick Jonas did leave Miley Cyrus for Selena Gomez.Nick broke up with Miley by text.Next thing you know Nick went after Selena Gomez.Miley was very jealous of Nick and Selena.She tried to get him back but Nick was in love with Selena.

Why did Miley Cyrus leave nick Jonas?

Her excuse was that he was too controlling, going as far as telling her what to wear, say, and do.

Why does Miley Cyrus want to leave Hannah montannah?

she wants 2 leave cause she thinks she is 2 old 4 it

When will Miley Cyrus leave Disney?

Miley Cyrus is leaving Disney channel when she turns 18 years of age.

When does Miley Cyrus leave Sydney?

26. Of June sozy

Does Nick Jonas wont to marry Miley Cyrus?

No i don't think Nick Jonas wants tomarry Miley Cyrus because he is way to young and all he really wants to do at the moment is be in the band, go on tour, sing you know the stuff that he does as he is famous. Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are not even dating anymore. They were dating after the song before the storm that they sung together but then Nick Jonas broke up with Miley Cyrus because Nick was getting fed up with Miley and plus he thought that it was time to leave her never go back to her and to find another girl. I think he is seeing a new girl called Courtney who was his date for Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas's wedding. But they may just be friends. He has defiantly got over Miley girls so maybe now you can have a shot at him. I don't even think they are friends anymore but they may just say hi and stuff. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Is Miley Cyrus lespion?

GROSS! AND NO SHE IS NOT! Leave her alone she is a sweet girl!

What year did Miley Cyrus leave school?

10th grade for her career.

Is it true or false that Miley Cyrus died?

False. But sadly someday she will. :( But for now.. NO SHE DID NOT so leave miley alone

Why did Miley Cyrus break up with her boyfriend?

Miley Cyrus broke up with her 20 year old boyfriend Justin Gaston (the UNDERWEAR model) because she was about to leave for three months on business. As far as the public knows there were no problems in their relationship, just business. My prediction is she's after Nick Jonas again... :)

Why did Miley Cyrus leave the show named Hannah Montana?

because it was bombing

Does myliey Cyrus hate asains?

first of all, her name is MILEY and no she doesn't hate asians! leave MILEY alone!

Did Miley Cyrus leave with Justin gatson?

No, she loves her parents too much to do something as dumb as that.

Is milley Cyrus really gay wiki answer?


Does Miley Cyrus want to leave Disney channal?

she does not want to leave but she getting older and cant play a teenager much longer

Will Miley Cyrus leave us?

Yes every actor dose she sais after seasen 4 of Hannah Montana she will leave to do movies.

What if no id for Miley Cyrus concert?

if you have no id for a Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert you can get in as long as you have a ticket or if you want to meet Miley you have to have a back stage pass. you got that, good know leave me and my knowledge alone and go watch Hannah Montana.

Why did Nick Jonas leave the Jonas brothers?

cause hes a white gangbanger of the ms 18

Is any body mean to Miley Cyrus?

yes, lots of people are very mean to her and leave inapropriate comments to and about her

When did Miley Cyrus leave acting and singing university?

in her own words "i want to get rid of the Disney girl appearance"

Is it true that Miley Cyrus and mike posner are going out?

Are Miley Cyrus & Mike Posner dating ? Yes, they are . They have been together for almost 6 months . Speaking of Mike Posner, he has gotten Miley pregnant with twins . So Mike's new single, "Please Don't Go " is for Miley . Miley has wanted to leave Mike after their find out about the twins . But who knows .

Is Miley Cyrus going to turn into Britney Spears?

Yes. Obviously. miley had a hat and moves like britney while playing part in the usa....miley was dancing on a pole....miley is tring to leave Disney it seems like...

Does miley cyrus love justin?

no i really dont think she does. he loves her and cant stop talking about it. Miley has a bf and his name is Liam and she would never leave him for justin.

What is miley cyrus' new password for youtube?

Here is your answer: MIND YOUR OWN BUSSINESS. Leave the poor girl alone.