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Disconnect battery and put a bulb between the battery post and the disconnected lead, if a drain is there the bulb should light up. Then methodicly remove and replace each fuse one at a time, if the light goes out, that will indicate the circuit the drain is on. Good Luck

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Q: What cause a 1998 ford contour to drain 12volts when off and not running?
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How do you drain the torque converter on a 1998 Ford Contour?

There is no drain.

Can wrong spark plug wire cause a car to die or drain battery?

The wrong spark plug wire(s) can cause engine problems including not running but won't drain the battery.

Where is the radiator cap and drain plug on a 1999 Ford Contour?

in the engien

How do you drain the antifreeze tank in a 1996 ford contour?

you can either pull the hose for it or you can usually just open the drain plug on the radiator

On a F-450 will using the flashers when the vehicle is not running cause it to not start the next?

If they are long enough to drain the battery

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 1998 ford contour?

by Tigercadd:The drain plug is at the bottom of the radiator, passenger side facing the engine compartment. Im not a Big mechanic or anything but i know a few basics, not every car has a drain plug for the radiator, if it does, it will be on the bottom of the rad. if it doesnt a simple way to drain the coolant would be to disconect the bottom rad hose and let the coolant drain through thatI have looked at the manual and from what I can remember, on the Ford Contour, you have to remove the plastic splashboard underneath the front part of the car before you can see the radiator drain plug on a 1998 Ford Contour. I have not actually changed the radiator fluid on my Contour but I know you will have to remove the bolts that hold the splashboard on and remove the splashboard before you can see the radiator drainplug.

Where is the transmission drain plug on a 1999 Ford Contour 4 cylinder?

The transmission drain plug on a 1999 Ford Contour 4 cylinder engine is located on the front of the transmission, behind the engine. It is used to remove the oil fluid during fluid changes.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2000 Ford Contour?

Either at the bottom or the rear lower section of radiator

Where is the drain plug located on a '96 Ford Contour?

If it is the engine oil you are talking about it is on the bottom of the pan.

Where is the transmission drain plug on a 1999 Ford Contour 6 cylinder?

The 4 cly is on the bottom of the transmission .

Does the abs pump drain battery?

If it is running, yes.

Could alternator drain battery when car is not running?

If the alternator is installed incorrectly, yes, it can drain the battery.

Can a loose positive battery cable prevent the alternator from charging the batter and can it cause a battery drain while the engine is not running?

Yes, a loose battery cable will prevent the alternator from charging the battery. The drain on the battery is not caused by the engine not running unless an accessory is left on. Most likely, the drain is caused by accessories (radio, lights, etc) while the engine is running due to the battery not receiving its charge from the alternator and then not having enough charge left to start the engine.

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Vacuum the pool. If you have to drain it, only drain it half way. Floating pools are a disaster.

What would cause the battery to drain on a 1999 Ford Expedition 1999?

Bad Battery. Bad Alternator. Lights left on by mistake. Something left running. Exc.

Would a clogged stink pipe cause a bathroom sink not to drain?

Yes a clogged VENT pipe can cause a sluggish drain

Does the truck need to be running when you drain the water seperator on a diesel?


Why would a battery drain while car is not running?

A light in your car might be on, running down the battery!!

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Over filled your oil?

Remove the drain plug under the engine and remove oil until it is at the proper level. Running the engine with too much oil can cause damage.

How do you drain the radiator in a 98 Contour?

Looking up from under the car, the drain is located on the bottom right and corner of the radiator. A large flat blade screwdriver will be needed to turn the drain cap and allow fluid to be released. The drain cap can't be fully removed from the radiator so there is no worry that the cap will get lost.

What causes the Charge System light to come on?

A bad alternator/generator would cause a 'no charge' in the system, which would drain the battery while running. Also a shor tin the wiring may cause a false indicator light.

Where is the drain cock on a 1997 Contour?

Drain cock for the coolant is on the lower passenger side of the radiator toward the engine bay side of the radiator. Difficult to get at, but nothing a long, man-sized screwdriver can't solve.

Can you change the transmission filter and the transmission fluid in a Ford Contour 1996?

you can change the fluid, but not the filter. drain the fluid from the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission and refill from the dipstick. the filter is only accessable by overhauling the transmission

Where is radiator drain plug for a 1998 Ford Contour?

9/2/07 I am looking for the same answer 9/2/07 I am looking for the same answer