What cause a person not to be sterile?

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Can the IUD cause infection?

The IUD is sterile, is inserted into the uterus using sterile technique, and can't cause infection.

What are the sterile animals?

Animals which don't get pregnant, cause pregnancy or won't give birth. Usually hybrids are sterile.

What is the difference between a sterile dog and non sterile dog?

The sterile dog can not cause/have puppies, either because it has been spayed/neutered, or because of genetic issues.

What are the principles of sterile gloves?

The principle of sterile gloves allows both the person wearing the gloves and the person being handled safety. The gloves protect each person from contact with the other.

Does Mountain Dew make a person sterile?

Mountain Dew does not cause sterilization. This is an urban legend that has been around since at least the 1990's.

Can Adderall make you sterile?

Adderall is not known to cause sterility.

A condition in which a person is unable to reproduce?

It is sterile. Such a male person is called a unich, and a female...

What can Endotoxin in sterile injectable drugs cause?

Septic shock symptoms.

If a man is not circumcised can it cause you to become sterile?

No. Circumcision has nothing to do with fertility.

Can surgery cause pseudomonas aeruginosa?

Not cause it - no. However the bacterium can thrive in even sterile environments - including hospitals.

Can getting a std shot cause a man to reverse being unsterile to sterile?

No it can not.

Can phone vibrations make you sterile?

No, vibrations from a phone cannot cause sterility.

What is the medical term meaning a person who cannot have children?


Is it anything a sterile person can take to produce sperm?

Depends on why you are sterile. If you have no sperm at all there is nothing you can do. I suggest you see a doctor to find out more about your case.

Can an MRI make you sterile?

No, the amount of radiation in an MRI is too minimal to cause sterility.

What are the factors that can cause the change in a bottle of juice?

storage temperatureif it is sterile or not (e.g. pasteurized)

Does hepatitis C affect future fertility?

No it won't make a person sterile.

If a sterile field becomes wet with sterile solution is the field no longer considered sterile?

If a sterile field becomes "contaminated" with a sterile solution, the field remains sterile.

How do you take the sterile gauze from sterile bin?

sterile gloves

Can abortions cause you to be sterile?

No, as much as anti-choice groups like to lie about this, abortion will not leave you sterile. Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures you can go through and risks are minimal.

What is the importance of sterile technique?

Assuming this refers to surgery, non-sterile techniques would introduce bacteria and viruses deep within the body which can easily cause fatal infections and disease.

What happens if a person lacks hormones?

then you are in a females case infertile or in a males case sterile

What is the difference between sterile water and bacterial static water?

sterile water is just free from microrganisms while pyrogen free water is specifically free from those orgainsms which cause fever.

Is the stomach sterile?

No it's not sterile

If someone is sterile have they always been sterile?

No, not always. There are some cases of primary sterility (where the person has always been sterile) but many times sterility is secondary to another factor. This could be infections such as mumps in adult men, surgeries such as vasectomies, hormonal imbalances, etc.