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What cause did Hitler have on the Holocaust?


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to eliminate the Jewish population.

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Hitler wasn't the only cause of the Holocaust but he did play an great involvement of the Holocaust.

Nothing, Hitler was a madman and that is what caused the Holocaust

He caused World War 2 and the Holocaust.

Adolph Hitler dreamed up the holocaust. Hitler planned the holocaust. Hitler supervised the holocaust.

No, it allowed Hitler to take over the government .

All the Nazis, but Adolf Hitler was the main cause

The holocaust was when Hitler tried to eliminate the Jews by mass murder and genocide. The cause was antisemitism turned evil.

Hitler was NOT right in conducting the Holocaust.

Adolf Hitler himself was a cause of the Holocaust. Hitler was obsessed with the destruction of the Jews. Documents that have become accessible since WWII seem to point at the fact that he probably suffered from syphilis acquired as a youth in Austria and, left untreated, resurged later in life.

yes, adolf Hitler launch the holocaust!!!

Hitler didn't just affect the Holocaust, he was the Holocaust.

No. He was the COMPLETE cause of the holocaust happening. He spread abusive and vicious propaganda about the Jews throughout all of German territory to get them to turn against all Jews. The Holocaust probably would not have happened without Hitler, but there were many more factors and influences that had to be in place before the Holocaust would happen.

No. Hitler was the leader of the Nazi party and the cause for WW2 and the Holocaust.

no one worked for Hitler after the Holocaust, he was dead

* Adolf Hitler Was The Partial Cause Of World War II * Adolf Hitler Caused the Holocaust

Yes the two are related since Adolf Hitler was the architect of the Holocaust.

Hitler was the the dictator (boss) of Germany and was responsible for the Holocaust.

Hitler was alive during the Holocaust and 'inspired' it. After all, he was responsible for it ...

The creator of the Holocaust was Adolf Hitler.

The Holocaust was an event, not a structure, so built is not exactly the right word. Adolph Hitler is the primary cause of the Holocaust, although lots of people helped him. Sheesh, if you're going to spell out a name, you should at LEAST do it right. It's Adolf Hitler!

Not a single documentary claims that Hitler directly ordered the Holocaust.

Hitler was the sole ruler of Germany during the Holocaust.

Holocaust Eliminating communists from Germany Brought Germany out of a depression

Adolf Hitler was the main leader of the Holocaust.

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