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What caused financial crisis after the Revolutionary war?


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The financial crisis after the Revolutionary War was caused by the debt that had accumulated from the war itself. The U. S. owed millions of dollars to countries such as France.

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Most people dont know this answer. The taxes caused a great debt. The borrowing of money also caused the crisis

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France was having a financial crisis before the Revolutionary War because of a failed paper money system that was put in place within the country. This monetary paper money system was introduced between 1716 and 1720 by John Law.

freedom and political and ecomomic conflicts had a BIG play in the revolutionary war.

The American Revolutionary War was caused by taxation without representation.

France's defeat in the Seven Years' War caused it to want to help America in the Revolutionary War.

the amercans were sick and tired of paying for taxes.

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it caused them to fight eachother <----- APEX :)

It was the first major financial crisis the U.S. faced. It caused the dollar to be established, and indirectly caused a Constitutional Convention. It was brought on by the Embargo Act and the War of 1812. It caused mass bank failures, unemployment shot up, and a slump in agriculture and manufacturing.

By writing "Common Sense" and "the American Crisis".

There were many issues that caused the Revolutionary War. The Oppression and deaths of innocent people, and unfair taxes were some reasons why the war happened.

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The British demand for the colonist to pay increasing taxes was a main cause of the Revolutionary War. The colonist demanded representation but it was not granted to them.

the British army to lose the battle of Yorktown

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Because the American War is what caused the Revolutionary War.All because the pilgrims wanted religious freedom and didnt want to be under a british government.

France's defeat caused it to want to help America.

France was of great help to then United States in the Revolutionary War. They provided military armaments and loans, along with much financial assistance.

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