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Water, the transporter of sediment, seeks the lowest possible point for deposition. Rivers and streams carry sediment downward through elevations until they are deposited in oceans.

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Q: What caused the ocean to remove sediment from land?
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How does the ocean affect temperatures on the land?

Ask the smarty who caused Global Warming...

Large or small depression in the land or ocean floor?

A basin is a large or small depression in the surface of land. or the ocean. A basin can be caused by plate tectonics or erosion.

Sea and land breezes are caused because of what?

Sea and land breezes are caused by the difference in the rates of heating between the land and the ocean. The bigger the difference in temperature creates stronger winds.

What are land breezes caused by?

When there is an unequal cooling and heating of the ocean surfaces and the adjacent land, this causes what we know as land breezes. When air is blown from the ocean to the land beause of this difference in temperature, this is called a sea breeze.

When a river slows down as it reaches the ocean sediments carried by the river are deposited.What kind of land form is created from the sediment?

It is called a delta

What landform develops when a river deposits sediment as it flows into the ocean?

A delta will be formed close to land, and an abyssal plain far from land.The abyssal plain is the true floor of the ocean, beyond the Continental Slope & Rise, not a river form, although it does collect some sediment from rivers.

When does a sediment deposit the sediment it is carrying?

When a glacier melts it deposits the sediment it eroded from the land, creating various landforms.

Why are animals and plants that live in the sea more commonly fossilised than those that live on land?

sediment and other minerials that form fossiles build up in the ocean much faster than on land, so there ar many more fossiles in he ocean than on land

When a stream deposits sediment what can happen to the land?

the land increases

When rivers journey downhill they cut away land along their sides and then what do they do?

they go out to a ocean or lake depositing sediment along the way. (hope this is what you meant)

What is water flowing over land carrying particles of sediment?

Runoff is water flowing over land that carries particles of sediment.

How do hurricanes affect animals?

Hurricanes develop over the ocean not land so their strength could possibly kill some ocean animals or displace their habitat. Once on land, the flooding caused by hurricanes could harm land animals.

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