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Q: What caused the rise of dictatorship in world war 2?
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What caused consumer pricess to rise after world war 1?

Mobilization decisions was what caused consumer prices to rise after world war 1.

The english civil war led to the rise of?

The English Civil war led to the rise of Oliver Cromwell's military dictatorship in August 1647.

What caused the outbreak of world war 2 in Europe?

World War II was a result of the growth of fascist dictatorship in Europe

What caused the civil war in yugolavia?

The Serbians' agressive steps towards a dictatorship.

Which happened first -- Hitler's rise or World War 2?

Hiter was trying for power from around 1925 but gained popularity in the 1930s and from there caused World War 2.

When did the growth of dictatorship following World War 1 take place?

after world war 2

What were the causes of war world two?

Nationalism, the treaty of versaills, Dictatorship.

How did the rise of dictorship and the attack on pearl harbor cause the united states to become involved in world war 2?

There would be bodies of all those entombed people in arizona. They would have died max within a week due to lack of oxygen and other required things for life.

Which of the following was a key cause of world war 2?

There were different cause of World War-II. Here are some. 1- Due to Rise of military in Germany and Japan. 2- Worldwide Economic Depression. 3- Rise of Dictatorship. 4- Failure of peace efforts.

What type of government did Germany resort to in world war 2?


What type of government did Germany have at the end of the World War 1?


How was japans dictatorship during World war 2?

Japan had an Emporer.