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What causes 02 Liberty to make a grinding noise in the suspension when going over a small speed bump especially when it is cold outside Has had both recalls done on lower ball joints?



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I have also had this problem - I believe that it is the anti sway bar bushings squeaking

It is indeed the anti-sway bar bushings. They either need to be replaced or in some cases just lubricated and reinstalled. Not a major or expensive repair. The lower ball joint recall should have nothing to do with this. There is also a single rear ball joint that is not included in the recall and that can develop "play" and cause a clunking noise in the rear and a loss of some steering control. That is a more expensive repair. For the front end "jumping on an old bed spring" noise you get in the front when going over big speed bumps or bottoming out in holes is the anti-sway bar connection/bushings.