What causes NeoMonia?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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When you eat a poisonous jelly, your pet will get neomonia.

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Q: What causes NeoMonia?
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How you avoid neomonia?

Neomonia is air-bourne. By this I mean that I can spread easily through the sky and atmosphere. You could avoid this by wearing a mask, like the Japanese :D Hope this helps. :)

What food is bad for Neopets?

find a Poisonous Jelly and make your pet eat the whole jelly. then he will get Neomonia!

What is neomonia?

NeoMonia:is a nasty illness that needs urgent medical attention. Your pet will feel sick, tired, and grumpy until you give it the cure.

My origanally blue Usul on neopets is now red when I cured her of Neomonia what can I do to fix it?

Well, you can use a paintbrush, do a fountain faerie quest, or a random event.

How do you empty an EB Falcons fuel tank?

1 rag, 1 lighter, and a big boom or a hose and suck remember not to swallow the gas can cause chemical neomonia

How do you cure NeoMonia?

Get Medicinal Soap the Neopian Pharmacy. Then go to you Invetory and click on it then give it to your pet and it will be cured! WARNING: You need AT LEAST 3,108 neopoints in order to get it from the Pharmacy. On ShopWizard the least expensive is 15.5k.

How much is a poisonous lollypop on neopets?

Poisonous lollypops are not for sale in neopian shops -- they are only given out as prizes for completing quests for Jhudora. In user shops, however, poisonous lollypops are very cheap and sell for only one or two neopoints each.

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How do you get Medicinal Soap other than the shop wizard in neopets?

You can sometimes find medicinal soap in the Neopian Pharmacy, located in Neopia Central. It can also be found by searching the Mystery Island Trading Post. You can also explore neopia and spin some of the wheels. Some of the wheels have healing as a prize and you can cure neomonia that way.

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