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Have your brakes checked, rust or wear on brakes can cause grinding when turning.

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2010-02-05 15:04:30
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Q: What causes Right front tire area to make deep grinding sound making an extreme righ turn?
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What causes a grinding noise from the right passenger side?

Bearings, cv shaft, or brakes.

2004 Grand Am Serious grinding noise from front right wheel when making sharp left turns parking etc- no other symptoms?

97 grand am rubbing/grinding noise from right front that is not wheelbearing or brakes

Car makes grinding noise from back right wheel?

If a car is making a grinding noise in the right back wheel, it could be a sign that a wheel bearing is failing. It is necessary to take the car to a qualified mechanic for repair.

What would cause a grinding noise when making a hard right turn?

If its front wheel drive possibly an axle.

What makes your 1993 ford escort die when turning steering wheel to the right?

If its making a horrible grinding noise, it could be the bearing!

Your 96 pathfinder makes a grinding noise in the front wheel when making a right of left turn what can it be?

Ball join lubrication or change!

Can you continue to drive car if it makes a grinding noise when making a sharp right turn?

Best to get merchanical attention very soon. Never a good idea to drive a car making silly noises.

What causes a rubbing noise when making a left or right hand turn?

A broken car =]

Why is my truck making a grinding sound when I go around a right bend in a road?

ItS probably your tire rubbing plastic. Its no big deal and I wouldnt worry too much.

What causes a bumping sound when making left or right turns?

it is when u turn the tires lift the hit the ground

What causes a grinding noise when only turning right in a 2003 dodge 1500?

More than likely you have a defective left front wheel bearing. Inspect the bearing and also inspect the bearing on the right front. Inspect your brake pads if this is not the problem.

Y2001 olds alero is making a loud grinding noise when you drive it?

Drive the car on the road about 25 mph. Weave the car left and right. If the noise changes then it is the front wheel bearings.

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