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What causes a asthma attack?


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An Asthma attack may be triggered by irritants such as dust or pollen


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The airways that dont let you breath so therfore you cant breath and it cuases a asthma attack.

Asthma causes restriction of the lungs, you will wind up dying of suffocation.

to see how frequent they get asthma attacks and so that they can see what [activity]causes them the attack.

I don;t think red pepper causes an asthma attack. An asthma attack is caused by something constricting the bronchi in the lungs. Red pepper can cause an allergic reaction.

Type I hypersensitivity reaction

It is called Histamine. Histamine causes the allergic response during an athema attack.

The sympathetic nervous system causes dilation of the bronchioles. This can alleviate symptoms of an asthma attack.

Yes, you can have an asthma attack from dogs if you are allergic.

Yes people can die from an asthma attack

An asthma attack affects the respiratory system.

Bede died on May 25, 735, of natural causes - an asthma attack.

The causes of asthma are a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

You could have an asthma attack and not have an inhaler.

There are many causes of asthma. The factors range from environmental, such as pollution, to genetic factors. There are even causes linking asthma to tobacco use.

Not asthma itself but you can have a panic attack when you can t breathe properly. This is why it's important to keep calm if you have an attack.

You shouldn't. If you do, it is probably about something else, not the asthma attack. But I'm no expert ;)

A bad attack of asthma can close the airways so that you can not breath - you can die of suffocation.

the airways of your lungs get inflamed making it very difficult to breath and sometimes even causes death.

Asthma is a chronic disease characterized by inflammation of the lungs. The key ingredient in Asthma inhalers is albuterol sulfate which is a bronchodilator. A bronchodilator causes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the lungs and dilation of the airways, therefore relieving the constriction and inflammation associated with asthma.

No, but it can set off an asthma attack.

Yes you can. The adrenaline rush can bring on an asthma attack if you are prone to asthma and not taking your meds properly. My sister had her first asthma attack at 34 when under a great deal of stress, and she had to be hospitalised it was so severe.

under attack heart attack an asthma attack shark attack

not usually but it depends on the person and the attack and what triggered the attack. if it only hurts when you have an attack then you might wanna go to a doctor cause thats not normal with an asthma attack ...

An asthma attack can be prevented by using a puffer of ventolin or another substance that opens up your airways.

Yes a person of any age can die of an asthma attack.

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