What causes a asthma attack?

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An Asthma attack may be triggered by irritants such as dust or pollen

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Q: What causes a asthma attack?
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Related questions

What spices causes causes you to have asthma attack?

Old Spice.

What causes an asthma attack?

The airways that dont let you breath so therfore you cant breath and it cuases a asthma attack.

How does asthma attack kill you?

Asthma causes restriction of the lungs, you will wind up dying of suffocation.

Why would doctors ask a patient who has asthma to write down the times and places that they had asthma attack?

to see how frequent they get asthma attacks and so that they can see what [activity]causes them the attack.

What chemical causes allergic reaction during an asthma attack?


Can a person with asthma have a asthma attack if there is red pepper in a season they eat?

I don;t think red pepper causes an asthma attack. An asthma attack is caused by something constricting the bronchi in the lungs. Red pepper can cause an allergic reaction.

Which type of hypersensitivity reaction causes an asthma attack?

Type I hypersensitivity reaction

What is The chemical that causes the allergic response during an asthma attack?

It is called Histamine. Histamine causes the allergic response during an athema attack.

How might mimicking the the sympathetic nervous system help alleviate an asthma attack?

The sympathetic nervous system causes dilation of the bronchioles. This can alleviate symptoms of an asthma attack.

Can you get an asthma attack from dogs?

Yes, you can have an asthma attack from dogs if you are allergic.

What systems does a asthma attack affect?

An asthma attack affects the respiratory system.

Can a person die from an asthma attack?

Yes people can die from an asthma attack

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